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Newspaper suggests taxing motorcycles off the road

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I think his assumptions are a little out of whack due to his tinfoil hat cutting off the circulation to his brain.
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Wow, so glad to see that the social engineers are alive and well down under. Gee, Mr. Newspaper man, what are the social costs of putting the entire motorcycle industry out of business? Not to mention turning Austrailia into a totalitarian state.

I would say that this reeks of European socialism, but I'm not even sure Europe would ever consider something like this. They love their bikes too much.

What's next, the return of the UK-70's-style Nanny State?
Silly me. I thougth taxes were a mechanism for the government to raise revenues, not to conduct social engineering.

I feel so betrayed! Am I being naive?
Food for thought for anyone who thinks that helmet laws will keep the safetynazis at bay.

No need to tax them bikes of existence. Just have the govt confiscate them. It's for the public's own good y'know. Who can argue with that?
As far as any of us know, this could have been a Letter to the Editor…In case you didn’t notice, the piece wasn’t bylined.

It’s also a good thing to remember that Op-Ed-Columnists are the journalistic equivalents of loudmouthed drunks, down at the end of the Bar.

Having said that, if the person who wrote this piece is a legitimate Columnist, my only hope is that the good people of Australia have the good sense to drag the writer into the street and set fire to him, then sell his family into slavery. After all, if this column reflects the writer’s idea of fair editorial writing, then I think that the punishment should be just as fair.

Be careful Buz.

Be careful, you were in Washington last month getting your share of social engineering (corporate welfare). If you were a true free marketeer you would never go to Washington. But I don't blame you for getting your share of the gravy train and pork in the Bush deficit plagued budget.
I was going to post this the other day. But it seemed a little wacko as in seruWacko for me. I don't think the U.S. will ever go that far....
Sorta makes ya wonder if Kpaul has relatives down under...Couldn't resist :)
Re: Be careful Buz.

Hey, Kpaul! You got relatives in Austrailia? :)
Re: Be careful Buz.

Yes my Grand Uncle settled there near Melbourne I think. Supposedly some of his descedents settled in New Zealand as well. My Grandfather Cook and brothers were from England, Essex County I believe. My Grandfather made his fortuneas a farmer in the U.S. during WWII . He bought farm land from overly leveraged farmers during the Great Depression. Unfornuately he lost two sons during that war. My Dad served after Korea being much younger than his brothers. Unlike Buz my Grandfather didn't receive any social engineering handouts and had a distrust for bankers, politicians, salesman, and preachers...My Grandfather also loved a cigar and a shot scotch every day. He was also very opinonated. :)
Public policy for Dummies and the GPTB. A positive alternative for the AMA

If we didn't have the GPTB and social drop outs dominating the AMA we wouldn't have to worry about it. For every dollar the AMA spends to actively repeal helmet laws, we lose 3 dollars in political capital. To every non rider out there motorcyclists are a little nuts to begin with. If the public listens to the ABATE crowd the public perception of bikers go down a few levels more. One level higher to outlaw biker gangs.

If the AMA would actively support helmet laws and safety measures. It would gain public support and credibility. We could then focus on making laws that protect motorcyclists from motorists rather than themselves...
Re: Be careful Buz.


Opinionated! In your gene pool! You’re kidding, right?
Clarification on the source:

The article of the Australian Financial Review quoted in mcnews was published on Dec. 1. It is an opinion piece written by Mr. Alan Mitchell, who, as far as I can google it, is a regular contributor to the publication and is or has been an employee of AFR.

Re: Be careful Buz.

Yep. My dad always says I am like my Grandpa. Must skip generations...
Yes, Mitchell is an economics commentator. The article appeared during recent debates about inexperinced drivers killing themselves and passengers, and subsequent proposals for restricting car power, night driving, carrying passengers etc.

Of course stricter licencing requirements and skill testing regularly for all are not debated as many 'normal' people who deserve to drive, even if they can't.
No worries Mate! Just time to put a Wagg on the bar-be...
and if you're getting your healthcare for "free" from the gubment, I suppose it could impose all kinds of restrictions on one's behavior.
Nah. It can't happen here. Our govt would never engage in such totalitarianism.

"We have no intention of banning smoking on commerical flights. We only want seperate sections for non-smokers."

Now the poor bastards have to stand outside in blizzards courtesy of the "compassionate". It's for their own good, y'know.

Smokers are a much bigger minority than motorcyclists and look what happened to them. It'd only take a similar concerted national Black PR campaign against motorcyclists and Joe 6pack would be enthusiatically voting to ban "then durned murdersickles".

Just be happy that the M/C industry doesn't have the billions that the tobacco industry has to attract the parasitic looters.
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