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Newspaper suggests taxing motorcycles off the road

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I think his assumptions are a little out of whack due to his tinfoil hat cutting off the circulation to his brain.
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The good thing about motorcycling was that it was under the radar for a number of years. Now that it's the "cool" thing to do for the most inept, we get to suffer through the pains of morons killing themselves in the headlines regularly. Hopefully, more people will give up the motorcycling fad, and go back to crashing cars and falling down at home. Maybe then this kind of crap will go away and the pols can go design maybe one more airbag to put in cars or something.
True. You are losing your touch. Anyway, just put your full face hemet on and shut up. Wait a minute! You don't have to and neither do I! LOL I guess in Washington they are too stupid to choose, so the pols chose for em. Sarnali is not included in above generalization.
Two maniacs from Washington might be a bit much for us to handle. Might overload the GPTB.
1 - 3 of 76 Posts
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