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Newspaper suggests taxing motorcycles off the road

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I think his assumptions are a little out of whack due to his tinfoil hat cutting off the circulation to his brain.
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It's not just bikes that they want to protect the Aussies from. After seeing violent crime increase after passing sweeping gun bans, they now want to outlaw swords. So intent is the Australian gov't on protecting it's citizens from themselves that it won't be long before they have to wear helmets to drink.
This kind of crap is never going to go away. There are warning labels on the sides of empty 5-gallon buckets ferf***sakes to keep kids from accidently drowning in them. What would Darwin call this? Survival of the mediocre?
Re: Get Real

I'm fully in favor of dumbasses removing themselves from the gene pool by mistaking bandannas and sunblock for protective riding gear, however, our nation's trial lawyers have done too good a job convincing everyone that anything that happens to us is somebody elses fault, usually somebody with deep pockets.
1 - 3 of 76 Posts
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