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Newspaper suggests taxing motorcycles off the road

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I think his assumptions are a little out of whack due to his tinfoil hat cutting off the circulation to his brain.
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Buz. Social engineering through taxation has become one of the mainstays of governmental control for many years now. Taxation was how our government removed marijuana from society in 1937, through the illegal use of the commerce clause and the then prohibative tax of 300 dollars an ounce. Ditto for machine guns and the userpation of our second amendment right. VWW
You might not find it so amusing if you were on chemo-therapy and wanted to take advantage of Kalifornia's prop 215 without federal interference. As for the machine gun aspect, the whole purpose of the second amendment was to keep the populace superior to, or at least equal to any federal force. I'm fairly sure that the military or the federal DEA agents won't be showing up at your door with muzzle loaders. Besides the point is that if the government can illegally abrogate constitutionally guaranteed rights our beloved hobby would be pretty easy to regulate out of existence. VWW
I'm fairly certain that you would need a garlic clove necklace, and a crucifix to deal with that eventuality. VWW
1 - 3 of 76 Posts
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