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Newspaper suggests taxing motorcycles off the road

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I think his assumptions are a little out of whack due to his tinfoil hat cutting off the circulation to his brain.
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"When the people fear the government you have tyranny. When the government fears the people you have liberty"

-Thomas Jefferson

I wouldn't count on it, if we get too complacent as a voting public. The government will take whatever we, as citizens, allow them to get away with. Keep in mind, it's run by humans.
You got my vote :)~
Re: Heavena and Hell inside us all

And this whole time I thought that little voice was my inner child talking. Now I come to find out it's just a inner devil. :)~
Re: Pot, LSD, Machine Gun, and Bikes.

Hmmm... HD V-Rod with M60 mounted on back.

Would that be VSRC-UC for Urban Combat?

Maybe a XB12R, all blacked out, would be better... Must have the race kit...

It would be alright. Just take 2 doses of LSD (substitute one large blunt if preferred), get a good night's rest, and call in the Marines in the Morning.
1 - 5 of 76 Posts
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