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Rocket 3 owner. Fantastic new site. Love to hear opinions from other owners of their Triumphs. Previously owned a Speedmaster and that was a great bike, but the Rocket is just awesome.
Ride safe.
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I've got a 2001 Sprint ST and have the new Tiger on my short list of new bikes I am looking to buy. I'm also considering the Thruxton and the Scrambler, but I know neither or these bikes would be as universally practical as the Tiger.
I have a 2000 Tbird that's still going strong. I'm eyeing a new Sprint ST though.
My first bike 6 years ago was an '01 Tbird. I loved it and had a lot of fun on it for a handful of years. It sounded great with the TORs and ran like a top. When it was time for more powah I thought about the new Speed Triple, but the jump from 70hp to whatever that thing kicks out seemed a bit extreme so I settled for the 95hp of a Buell. When I'm finished with law skewl though I believe a Sprint or Tiger may find its way into the stable for longer trips. I just happen to be really poor right now so it'll have to wait.
Good Job

Ought2 Daytona. Great all around bike posing as a crotch rocket.
06 Sprint ST. I can say enough how much I like the bike. I like the new look here but it is a little harder for me to get around. I guess I just need to get used to it.
'02 D955i here, too. But after testing a 675 yesterday, I might have to have one.
I'm also adjusting to the new look here...the old site was fine by me. I'm currently riding an '06 Sunset Red ST, having parted with my beloved '01 Speed Triple AND my '01 BRG ST, as the wife said "sure, you can get anew bike, as long as it's your only bike!". I love the ST but a recent ride on the new Tiger was certainly a revelation!
I've got an '06 T 100 with Hagon suspension front and rear, Norman Hyde Bellmouth intake, K&N filter, re-jetted and slide drilled, TOR's and a Corbin leather seat. The bike runs and sounds great and is a kick in the butt to ride.

Previous Triumphs include an '05 Thruxton and an '02 Trophy 1200, all great bikes and reliable as bricks.
I had a 72 Triumph Bonnie late year 5 speed. It had ported and polished head with heavy duty springs and titanium retainers, 750 kit, Sifton Cam, Morgo oil pump, cut flywheel, 42mm Mikuni carbs, TT pipes, Custom welded boxed swingarm, and a CDI ignition. It was set up like a street tracker and weighed 300 lbs fully gassed. I wish I had it back! :-D
I had an old 250 single. What a POS. Hope the larger Triumphs are better.
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