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Nicky Hayden Interview 2003

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Bad links!

Corrections posted above. I got them by right-clicking on the source links and choosing "Copy Shortcut". Copying from the browser's GoTo window frequently doesn't work.
Re: Nicky Hayden Interview

I'll bet Nicky wishes he spoke Italian! He must feel sooo outside. He comes across as completely objective and totally mature. Max Biaggi made a real mistake trying to suck him in; he should have waited for a race. So like Biaggi to try to humiliate the rookie; wish he'd dumped.

If attitude and desire mean anything this kid will be running with the leaders by the end of the year. Next year he could be a real competitor.
Re: Nicky Hayden Interview

I just heard from an acquaintance in Italy that he saw an interview witn Colin Edwards and Nori Haga on Italian TV (in connection with the team intro) and Colin reportedly spoke fairly well in Italian -- maybe he was coached for a canned speach, but anyway, it goes a long way with the local fans. Nori's Italian was reportedly pretty funny, but then so is his English!

Nicky might be well advised to do a Berlitz class in either Italian or Spanish.
Re: Bad links!

Not sure what happened.

I had composed this in Word, and had pasted the links as you suggested. I tested them all again after I pasted it into the submit post fields and they worked then too. Something got hosed in the process of getting submitted or getting actually posted here.
Re: Bad links!

Now both our links are hosed. Looks like someones trying to protect their material from redistribution by moving the source domain around!
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