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Nifty Site

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That is nifty....

by the way the file name of that 1st pic is bug
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Interesting... If you put in M3 you get the previously mentioned image, but if you put in "m3" you get a nice yellow M3...

Why would anyone give publicity to filthy sites like this? Especially XXX was of rather poor taste. Also you can hardly see anything with that stupid pattern.

- cruiz-euro
It works! I put in Triumph Trophy and there was my bike, with me sitting on it waving..Incredible
I am positively LACTATING in anticipation of the big middleweight cruiser comparo. Dearth! I mean Death, where is thy sting...
Obviously, not much going on in the MO offices these days....
Obviously, not much going on in the MO offices these days....
Hey JB,

Here's a site that might help you with that: Johnny Help. Word is that Acerbis is also working on jacket solution too.
Fischer Motor Company?

What is happening with the Fischer MRX? Where's the Rubber?
Vincent Norton

Any chance of outsourcing Yossef to do a piece on the new Vincent and Norton? Of course this would mean insourcing his arse over to the States, but hey, MO can afford it.
Jeezus. How much did I pay for this?

Google has a security hole in it's image search engine. Seems that their server doesn't check if the result even *is* an image. It could even be malicious code. They're aware of the problem and say they're working on it.

Typing in "Falco" gets you a person with that name - but "Falco R" is just right. Interesting site.
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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