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Nip & tuck the rear...

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Nice piece of tail. This is the best looking eliminator I've seen so for. The cats eyes signals look great. To bad it had to be such a pain to install.
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Here's a suggestion: next time remove all nearly bald/bald heads from the frame and then take the picture!
I purchased one of these tails for my 2003 RC51. It took over seven hours to install. While it looks sexy and I love it being made out of ABS the directions are worthless. Would I buy again? Only if someone else did the work.
Even better, I'll tell them both to wear hats next time, just for you...
I would have installed a set of flush mount turn signals, lost the silly reflectors, saved four hours, and came to terms with my male pattern baldness... it's nothing to be ashamed of, but a comb-over is!
Thanks for the warning. No way I'm gonna buy something with instructions that crappy. That's what happens when you have crappy schools that don't teach how to communicate.
And how about those heavy work gloves! I guess someone's manicure had to be protected here.
Maybe somewhere near the begining of the article tell me what hell it is that you're installing. I assume it was a new rear light and turn signals. For my money, why the heck would you bother with this thing? The factory lights work perfectly fine.

Uh, you should go back to the beginning of the story and reread everything there. It says "Dussault undertail" in two spots prominently at the beginning of this piece.
Any idea how many states the thing is legal in? Those turn signals a very close together and I seem to recall that being an issue in some states. Lotta work for such a little bit of show and no more go.
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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