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No Bikes in Here, But It's Still a Great Video!

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Lets ad a few more celebs and turn this into a high-speed demolition derby.

We can even make it a charity event for Bono's latest failure (Product)RED...

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fix's the's apostrophe's thing's already's
Better yet. Use hiphop/rap/pop artists as traffic cones and make it a slalom. Entertaining racing action and simultaneous national IQ improvement.
At least the guy walked away from the crash. My hat is off to the guy for taking a risk for charity.

I'm sure he had fun behind the wheel of an Enzo, but how many of us would risk injury for the benefit of others?

Living in Chicago, you need certain driving skills (especially on a moto) to keep up with and avoid the minivans and suv's that are out looking for blood. Out here, the unofficial speed limit down side streets and alleys is 50 MPH-with 2 inches of snow on the ground.

But, I doubt that I would be able to drive as well as Mr. Griffin. The man was out of his element, and mistakes happen in those situations.

Fortunately, he was uninjured and has the insurance/bank account to pay for a mistake like that.
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Did you see the understeer? Is this really the world´s best sports car?

- cruiz-euro
He was probably hard on the brake, then tried to turn. Tires can only do so much, even tires on a Ferrari...
Man, did you see the guy standing right on the other side of the cement barrier, he had a good front row seat!
Dude didnt even flinch! Gotta love the commitment to getting the photo. Either that or just really really duuummmbb.
"My hat is off to the guy for taking a risk for charity."

"how many of us would risk injury for the benefit of others?"

i mean this with all due respect, but risk?

"Celebrities, including Griffin, were to split a pool of $250,000 for their favorite charities."

with a red-carpet list that "...included Wycleaf Jean, Reggie Bush, Bow Wow, Jackie Chan and Nadia Bjorlin..." they could have each easily donated the 250,000USD per charity, instead of splitting a total 250,000 between a dozen charities. 250k twelve ways is better than nothing, but this was an organized press event where some media a-listers wanted a 'humanitarian' reason to have some totties (closed racetrack), race elite sports cars against each other, and have people see them do it (positive face time).

once again, no malice intended, but i just see a bunch of pampered moguls making a day of sport for themselves (read: next to no sacrifice) and reaping applause for it.
...and whats up with the punctuation problems, MO?
let's see: it's wet, wheel man (eddie) has NO sports car driving experience (in all likelyhood), and driver's are playing with automobiles that they have NO personal interest (ownership) in.

I wish I could get invited to these events.
That looks to be exactly what happened. You can see that he locked the brakes. There's a little bobble on turn in and then he locks the brakes straight into the barrier.
If you are in the fortunate position to be "asked" to buy an Enzo, you won't miss the $1.5M. However, replacing the car could be a problem.
Oh, and joking about wrecking an Enzo that wasn't yours= An A$$ Kicking.
That'll buff right out! (spits and rubs fender) SEE?
The repair bill on that Enzo will likely be more than the "take" for Charity.
That was a lot funnier than Undercover Brother.

Then again, so is a seal hunt.

Examining the video, the car leaves the turn in a straight line with the wheels turned. No anti-lock braking system?
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