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No burnouts, no wheelies, no tread life?

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I have to ask, did you actually use up the tire in that short time or were the inspectors just clueless about what a motorcycle tire's tread looked like?
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From what I understand and have seen you'll be lucky to get 4000k (2500miles) out of a rear tire.

It seems that the belt tensioner does such a good job of keeping the slack out of the driveline that there is always torque being applied to the wheel, even when coasting and decelerating, hence greater tire wear.

1600 miles? You obviously need to have a talk with the guy that gets 7000 miles out of the rear tire on a ZX 1200 R on the other tread. VWW
I'm happy as a clam with the Bridgestone BT-014 rear tire I have right now. It has lasted 2000 miles so far and still looks almost new. I also like the Michelin Pilot Power on the front, but I've only had it for a few hundred miles so far, so I can't tell you anything about longevity...

On my last bike I got pretty good mileage out of Pirelli Diablos (7500 miles). Not the Corsas or Supercorsas, just the regular Diablos. But, my last bike only had about 37 lb ft of chain stretching torque and 72 neck snapping hp and I managed to get 8500 miles or so from the Dunlop D207 and D208 tires. Obviously, your mileage has varied.

For sport-touring tires I have heard only good things about the Metzeler Roadtec Z6. The Continental Conti Force Road Attack is a fairly recent sport-touring tire that has deeper tread depth, hopefully meaning longer tread life. And of course the manufacturer claims greater grip with that increased life expectancy.

There's also the Avon AV45/AV46 sport-touring tires. The people I know who have them like them, plus the tread design is pretty cool. And Pirelli has the new Diablo Strada sport-touring tires. Naturally they claim better grip than the Diablo with increased mileage.

If you're not a "bike hero" or a "would be racer" then the sport-touring tires will be perfectly fine for your riding. It seems like the only way you'll have problems with the levels of grip is if you're riding at racetrack levels of intensity. Plus, (and this may or may not apply to you) the sport-touring tires give you better grip in the rain and the cold, where the super sticky and super expensive tires can't maintain enough heat to function at their best.With any luck, you're completely confused now.

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Kenda Kenda Kenda. Inexpensive, but not cheap. (Kenda has ex-Yokohama engineers BTW).
For the sport/tour option, I replaced my Z4 with the Z6 and I think they are great. I like the Z6 better than the M1's I had on a VFR also. BTW, they are on a Aprilia Futura.
Well, look on the bright side, at 1600mi per tire you can check out 6 different brands by the time you get to 10,000 mi.
I have to agree with sachiwilson, is the tire down to the wear bars or do the inspectors not know what an m/c tire looks like? 1600 miles is redicules, I get pissed if I get less than 10k out of a tire.

Granted I live in a cooler climate and the bike is my main transportation so I don't hammer it, but still my bike and me together is probably 800lbs and I've got 12k so far on an Avon with a few thousand miles left. From my experiance with D205's and D220's they stick well because they're soft, but they also wear out faster for the same reason. If I were you I'd get Pilot Roads or Avon AV46's, even the new Diablo Strada's. Hell try Kendas if you like but I wouldn't touch a Dunlop again.
I own a Buell M2L, and the best so far, have been the Pirelli Diablo's. No experience with the new Strada Model, but they may offer less grip than the standard Diablo. I do not do burnouts, and I would say that these tires last about 40% longer than the Dunlop D208's that I had on previosuly. I am on my second set of Diablo's. If I was to change from the Pirelli's, I would check-out the Michelin Power tire.
You have gotten VERY close to insulting Dunlop tires. In fact, I believe it WAS an insult! You just can't help yourself, can you? Nothing but nastyness and insults. Please refrain from this type of activity, or you shall upset some of our feminine members here. I'm sure you will check yourself in the future.
1600 miles is terrible. Must have been a defective tire. I don't think I have gotten less than 5000 miles out of any tire I have used. Mostly I just stick with OEM tires because I don't rail hard enough to know the difference anyway. Good luck with the next set.
Official No-Shyt Thread Police Evaluation

You are skirting the edge of unacceptable meanieness by calling a tire-of-color (they are all black, you know) defective. You should use "mileage challened tire" instead.

How are those "Kunbayas" coming?
I've gotten good wear and decent performance out of an Avon AV46-ST. I don't know if it's available in your size but it works real well on my ST1100. How long was your bike sitting in the show room? I've found aging tires wear like crap. Be sure that what ever you get is failry fresh.
I just fit a replacement Bridgstone BT010 I got from mail order in Utah, I think it was. The original BT010 got 12,500 miles. But, I should have replaced it at about 10k to 11k. Anyway, the front is still on the bike with just about 12,900 miles. The bikes a Triumph 600, 450lbs, I weigh about 175 and I'm easy on tires.

BTW, Make sure to use a little soap and water (1 vol soap and 3 of water) on the bead to help it slip over the wheel rim and especially when inflating the tire. I pumped it up to 80psi and it still wouldn't seat. But, with a little water on the bead where it was stuck to the rim it slipped right into place at 40psi- fffwhpp!. Keep yer fingers out of the way!
1600 miles isn't out of the question for that tire, just for your riding style. Big V-twins are particularly hard on tires for the reason given above- torque hurts tires. If you do a lot of engine-breaking, I wouldn't be suprised if your rear was chewed up by now.

The Z6 is a very popular tire. It has a harder, longer-mileage compound in the center, and good tread grooving. I suspect, given your riding style/riding conditions, the only difference you would notice between your Dunlop and the Z6 is longevity.

The Scorpions are sweet tires. My buddy who owns a Buell Lightning S1, just put those tires on not long ago and loves them. They are not the best in the rain, but they are great in the dry. If you aren't an insane rider. He has no chicken strip on them, but says when he gets to the sides, it gets a little slippery. Maybe its just because he hasn't had them that long, but other than that they seem like good tires, not great though. I've heard good things about the Diablo Corsa and regular Diablo's.
You're absolutely right, I was unforgivably rude to Dunlop tires and I apologize in the most humblest way. I can assure you it will never happen again

Re: Official No-Shyt Thread Police Evaluation

You notice he didn't say anything bad about WHITEWALL tires !!!!!

I guess tires are ok as long as they're WHITEWALLs.................
My favorite long-wearing tires are the Pilot Roads. They ride very smoothly on the slab. They're confidence inspiring in the canyons. And they're very good in the wet.
Re: No sheet, no shower, no shave...

Reverse deceleration torque? Could that be that's what Zeke the Sheik gets after "throwing the universe into reverse" with his ever-expanding pile of compost?

If I had my chain as tight as a banjo string, I doubt if it would wear the rear tire any different. Some kind of new Physics?

Jes don't make no sense...maybe all you Buell riders are stuntin' too much. Wheelies stopies burnouts tytties and sheet.
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