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I just fit a replacement Bridgstone BT010 I got from mail order in Utah, I think it was. The original BT010 got 12,500 miles. But, I should have replaced it at about 10k to 11k. Anyway, the front is still on the bike with just about 12,900 miles. The bikes a Triumph 600, 450lbs, I weigh about 175 and I'm easy on tires.

BTW, Make sure to use a little soap and water (1 vol soap and 3 of water) on the bead to help it slip over the wheel rim and especially when inflating the tire. I pumped it up to 80psi and it still wouldn't seat. But, with a little water on the bead where it was stuck to the rim it slipped right into place at 40psi- fffwhpp!. Keep yer fingers out of the way!
1 - 1 of 50 Posts
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