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I'm happy as a clam with the Bridgestone BT-014 rear tire I have right now. It has lasted 2000 miles so far and still looks almost new. I also like the Michelin Pilot Power on the front, but I've only had it for a few hundred miles so far, so I can't tell you anything about longevity...

On my last bike I got pretty good mileage out of Pirelli Diablos (7500 miles). Not the Corsas or Supercorsas, just the regular Diablos. But, my last bike only had about 37 lb ft of chain stretching torque and 72 neck snapping hp and I managed to get 8500 miles or so from the Dunlop D207 and D208 tires. Obviously, your mileage has varied.

For sport-touring tires I have heard only good things about the Metzeler Roadtec Z6. The Continental Conti Force Road Attack is a fairly recent sport-touring tire that has deeper tread depth, hopefully meaning longer tread life. And of course the manufacturer claims greater grip with that increased life expectancy.

There's also the Avon AV45/AV46 sport-touring tires. The people I know who have them like them, plus the tread design is pretty cool. And Pirelli has the new Diablo Strada sport-touring tires. Naturally they claim better grip than the Diablo with increased mileage.

If you're not a "bike hero" or a "would be racer" then the sport-touring tires will be perfectly fine for your riding. It seems like the only way you'll have problems with the levels of grip is if you're riding at racetrack levels of intensity. Plus, (and this may or may not apply to you) the sport-touring tires give you better grip in the rain and the cold, where the super sticky and super expensive tires can't maintain enough heat to function at their best.With any luck, you're completely confused now.

"Remeber, it's always easier to do things the hard way." -- Chango
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