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No burnouts, no wheelies, no tread life?

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I have to ask, did you actually use up the tire in that short time or were the inspectors just clueless about what a motorcycle tire's tread looked like?
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Re: F'n nails.....

I have the Avon 45/46's on my VFR and the only problem I have had with them is the shallow tread in the middle of the tire. When new, they have much less tread depth in the middle than they do on the edges. I have about 6K on them and they are nearly bald in the center and there is barely a flat spot on it. Front still looks pretty good. How far do you let your tires wear???

Usually I replace when the tread is gone (or nearly gone) in the center. Also, I have notices that the rear seems to be quite scalloped on the sides from what appears to be the edges of the tread flexing into the wide grooves while cornering and accelerating out of corners. No handling or difference in feel, but interesting.
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because I am 2 miles from the Blue Ridge Parkway
The stock Buell XB Dunlops (at least the 207's) are special "lighter weight" versions. Based on my understanding of
tire construction, the easiest way to lighten a tire is by
using less rubber. :)

I've used Michelin Pilot Sports on my XB9R and found them
better than the stock tires in every way (more stick wet or dry, better tread life, better handling, etc).
Currently I'm running a sport-compound Tomahawk rear
( and getting ready to fit the front over the
weekend. No real complaints about the Tomahawk -- the
Michelin's seem to have a better feel, but the Tomahawk
retreads are less than half the cost Michelin's. Since my
miles are mostly commuting, it's hard to justify the extra $$
for performance I won't use on the street. [In fact, I probably
ride harder on the Tomahawks since it's a lot less painful to burn through a $80 Tomahawk than it is a $180 Michelin....]

I've managed to nurse 5K+ miles out of a rear, but only during
the winter (wet) commute season. As someone on badweb
said: "The XB's eat tires like candy". But they are fun while they last. :)
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So here I am all but ready to start forking over the $150 dollars for the newest latest rear tire and you blow the process back to creation. I just inspected that site and am intrigued by what they offer. Is it correct that you are able to choose which carcass you would like them to retread?
Re: F'n nails.....

I go till they're almost at the wear bars. By that time they're getting pretty greasey feeling, specially on wet roads so I don't try to push them till they're bald. Mine held up pretty well and I was going to run them as long as I could but I guess not.

I've had good luck with Michelin's too so it's all good.
I have to agree...I just put a rear on and did 400 miles. 1/2 canyon and 1/2 freeway drone. Stuck as well as the Pilot sport I replaced and did great in the rain. I thought the pilot sport was a little squirrely in the rain, but then it was pretty squared off. Hopefully it will last longer then the 6k miles I got from the sport.
Re: Torque and tire wear

I think you are right about the torque. I used to have a Superhawk (great bike BTW) and got about 3k out of the 207. I would get about 5k out of the Pilot Sport. I got a CBR954 and got 7k out of the Pilot sport. I now have a SV1000 and got about 5k out of the Sport again. I am not riding any differently so it must be the engine braking or some other aspect of how the big jugs put down the power. I do really prefer the twin though!
Re: F'n nails.....

Okay, I may sound like a complete idiot, but what exactly is a wear bar? Is that just another name for the tread? Or is there some mystical warning line that shows up when your tire is completely trashed, that I've never gotten to. I keep hearing people talk about wear bars, but I've never asked.....
Re: F'n nails.....

If you look at the carcass of the tire between the treads at (usually ) four points on the tire you'll see a 1/4 inch or so wide strip running across the tread. When the tread is worn down even with that strip it's considered worn out. Car tires have them too. I believe it's 3/32nds on a car tire for legal definitions, not sure on a bike tire.
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