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No Limit Motor Sports Preview

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Chandler 20th Fastest in First Practice Wednesday

In his first practice session, Chandler puts his 954 in 20th fastest time.

Roberts looks fast, with Mladin and Yates, as expected, right up there as well. Eric also very quick but Ben seems to be off the pace.

Check out the top radar speeds as well -- Roberts and Eric were faster than the big gixxers!

So far, the Ducatis are well off the pace (and about 10mph off in top speed). GoShow was a lot faster in December tests, so maybe this is not representative.


Surprise in Supersport times is the Kawasakis -- way down the ranks, with best in 14th place. CLICK FOR TIMES
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Info from

Sounds like the RC51 is still the bike to beat.

Also see comments about Gobert's times.

I see a ZX-6R in third???? EBoz. At least the inlines are close

1. Jamie Hacking, Yamaha YZF-R6, 1:52.893

2. Jason DiSalvo, Yamaha YZF-R6, 1:53.090

3. Eric Bostrom, Kawasaki ZX-6RR, 1:54.402
Re: I see a ZX-6R in third???? EBoz. At least the inlines are close

For some reason, both Eric and Ben's times were not appearing on the AMA computer for awhile -- I thought it was funny that Eric's 600 time wasn't there, but I figured maybe he sat out the 600 practice to concentrate on Superbike.

For the afternoon session Mladin was fastest Superbike, although Kurtis is still fastest for the day. From what I hear, track is still fairly slippery and is expected to get quite a bit faster before the weekend, so these times, while interesting, may or may not prove much.

Gobert is riding with a broken hand -- he says he is boxing for training and that is how he did it. He did only 5 laps in the afternoon per tha AMA scoring. I am guessing that drops his odds a bit! A 200 mile race with a broken hand doesn't sound like that much fun.

I was surprised that Eric was faster than Mat on the radar gun. They must be getting some serious power out of that old Kwacker! As of right now, he is my pick to win -- subject to change as the practice sessions continue.

Have you bought your EBoz replica leathers yet, or are you still thinking about trading your Kawasaki?

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Go Green.

My Kawasaki runs great but I am having a hard time finding a good dealer. I am getting my bike serviced at the Honda dealer now. So far things are great.
Re: Go Green.

You'll be riding a Ducati ST4s ABS before you know it.
Re: Go Green.

While you're at the Honda dealer you should look into a VTR1000 Superhawk, they have a new '02 @ Hinshaw's in Auburn for $6999, then you'd have that V-twin torque with sportbike handling for probably close to what you're paying for the ZX6
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