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No More Movie Stupidity

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Steve McQueen is the best rider ever to be on a movie screen, and can never be topped. Anyone who doesnt agree is obviously a Nazi, just like in the Great Escape.
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Experienced "Driver" ???

Power to LL for taking riding seriously. After he learns to ride then he will be a RIDER, not a Driver! The world needs more riders and fewer drivers.
Wait until the world gets a load of Antonio Sebato Jr's "Lean Angle."

"Lean Angle" is a new syndicated TV show starring Antonio Sebato Jr. -- the pretty boy soap star from "Melrose Place" and "General Hospital." He's also known as the Calvin Klein underwear model.

In "Lean Angle," Antonio is a Gran Prix motorcycle racer. Actually, I believe he is the brother of a GP racer who is killed racing. He then "has" to race to support his brother's family or something like that.

The show was scheduled to start filming in Spain (where else would you go to film GP bikes?) this month. The show may debut later this year.

In one interview I read, Antonio's explanation of the title "Lean Angle" involved the words "Honda 500," "gravity," and "sexy leathers." Other than that, I didn't understand it at all.

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No disrespect to Steve McQueen......

But I though John and Ponch were pretty good too.
Re: No disrespect to Steve McQueen......

Yea. Did you see the episode where they chased down this guy (I think it was the guy who played Murdock from the A-Team) off-road style? Taking those KZ1000's off-road must've been pretty hairy. I remember one scene where there was a little drop off that they had to go down... that was funny. Okay, I guess you needed to see the episode!
I too have noticed motorcycle riders placed in the role of "hoodlums" and "bad guys" in popular entertainment, especially in day time soap "operas". Most of the time the "bad guys" are on cruisers but sometimes they are on dirt bikes (apparently trying to run drugs). But the action scenes are generally so clueless that they come off as slapstick (like Keystone Cops). I think that most folks recognize this so it is probably harmless and perhaps in the long run good since it gets motorcycles in the minds of the public (could it be that people who watch soap "operas" also drive min-vans and SUV's?).

-Pain is weakness leaving the body-
What about Kobe Bryant's Adidas commercial. On the Ducati 900 or 750 supersport, I swore it was a v-twin but it sure does sound a lot like an inline four in the commercials. I guess the roar isn't as good as the four for mainstream America.
Never say never

There has never been a good movie made about motorcycles (that wasn't a .) The act of making a movie is going to screw up any kind of realistic anything: dialog, location, action, riding, you name it. For real riders, it is the realism of riding or racing that is exciting. For movie goers it is the surrealism of depicted riding that is exciting. Its a Hollywood rule borrowed from journalism: Never let the facts get in the way of a good movie.
I hope this one comes out! It could be hilarious, but it probably will take itself too seriously. I hope they do it totally over the top, turn it into a Spaceghost thing.

Or they could do it like an x-files: exactly which smoking guy (let 'em all smoke in the show) stole Erv Kanemoto's reed block design...don't even try to explain a reed block. And WHERE IS ERV??? & Why is the government TRYING TO KILL THE 2 STROKES? Are they hiding the truth that they will ALWAYS be faster than 4's?

This could be good...
Re: Little Faus and Big Halsey

OK, not a great movie, but probably closest to what racing was about at the time. Greatest line: "I was going faster than I ever have in my whole life, ..... then I fell off."
Re: Never say never

On any Sunday?

Time Rider?

Sidewinder One? (Ok, that stank.)

Pete P.

A remake of Rollerball is supposed to be an end to stupidity? Rollerball was a monument to stupidity. Of course, I'm pretty sure that minime knows that, and is having a chuckle at his clever headline.

The best non- film involving motorcycles in the plot was The Privateer. It can still be purchased on VHS, or possibly found at larger video rental stores. It's a fun movie following a young American who realizes his dream of becoming a professional road racer. Absolutely worth checking out.
Re: Never say never

The post left out the word "" and printed only "(that wasn't a .)"

On any Sunday was what i was thinking too. You want ? Crusty kills On any Sunday for that!

Time Rider? Damn, forgot that one.

Sidewinder One? Missed it, I'll be watching for it tho.

Ever seen Silver Dream Racer? Too funny!
Re: Never say never

The post left out the word "" and printed only "(that wasn't a .)"

On any Sunday was what i was thinking too. You want ? Crusty kills On any Sunday for that!

Time Rider? Damn, forgot that one.

Sidewinder One? Missed it, I'll be watching for it tho.

Ever seen Silver Dream Racer? Too funny!
Re: Never say never

ok, god d^&* it, why can't I get the word doc*u*men*tary* to show up? sorry for all the redundant bs posts but I didn't know it was on the filter list. what the f*#%?

Please feel free to insert doc*u*ment*ary anywhere you want.
Re: No disrespect to Steve McQueen......

i dunno how dumb i was doing this but i took my tl1000s off road. went down locking up my front brakes when i barely even tapped them. i SWEAR i hardly tapped them. rear end on that thing was all over the place. no more tl on dirt roads... screw dat. hard to pick up.

The movie 'Fled" with Stephen Baldwin and Laurence Fishburne had some pretty good scenes zipping around on Ducatis.
Jackie Chan did some cool stuff on a YZ250 (I think) in Rumble in the Bronx.

The thing that really kills me is whena supersport-mounted rider can't shake some guy in a Buick. Puhleese.

Hollywood is filled with very stupid people. Motorcycling is very exciting and if you have a brain and some directing talent, it should be very easy to make a totally realistic moto segment that has even non-moto people on the edge of their seats. But then, Hollywierd thinks that Pearl Harbor was too boring of an event to exist without an extra cheese coating.
That's a great commercial, I had to see it 2-3 times before I could remember what it was for. All I could remember was that Duc screaming through traffic, lane splitting, doing cool things. And Kobe getting off. Uh, now what were they selling, Ducatis, no, NBA, no, oh yeah shoes, but what kind?

Never really noticed the sound aspect of it. But that's typical of all TV. Ever watch a movie (especially the old ones, like Bullit) during a chase scene the cars always sound like they're revving the engines, going through the gears, making it sound really neat. Problem is, the car would only make those sounds some time, not constantly through a 5-10 minute chase scene. But hey, that's what makes it sound good, and adds excitement.
Re: Never say never

You can't get that word to show up because of some of the stupid filters they have in place for this forum. The word c-u-m, is stopped, just like the f-u-c-* (sorry its the F word, mommy said not to use it in public) you used.

The filters are just too broad, taking a certain string of letters within words, so any word that has that c-u-m is going to be filtered.

I agree we should try to avoid using profanity, but words like c-u-m-u-lative are not.

You should be able to use the Preview button to see what it will filter. Well you should but evidently it doesn't do the filtering until after that, so we really have no idea what's going to be filtered.

Hackfu, any chance of changing that so people can test what they type for filtering?
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