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No More Movie Stupidity

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Steve McQueen is the best rider ever to be on a movie screen, and can never be topped. Anyone who doesnt agree is obviously a Nazi, just like in the Great Escape.
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Re: Little Faus and Big Halsey

michael j. pollard is the actor's name (opposite robert redford). he did a lot of wacko type guys in various movies. "black rain" has some neat street racing scenes (sort of hokey, a sportster beating a sport bike), and a dirt bike chase scene. hope ll and the movie are alright and do well. the first "rollerball" was good only because james caan was good in it. ll has always been up front with his motorcycle enthusiasm- he rode a gsxr on to the stage at one of his mtv award appearances, it's about time he got real with it. the dmx video, "ruff rider anthem" was the coolest thing i have seen on mtv, up to that point, and i have been watching it since it debuted.
1 - 1 of 38 Posts
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