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No More Movie Stupidity

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Steve McQueen is the best rider ever to be on a movie screen, and can never be topped. Anyone who doesnt agree is obviously a Nazi, just like in the Great Escape.
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Anyone who has ever seen the movie "LeMans" will understand the difference between great racing footage and a great movie. As was shown in the "making of LeMans" segment that recently aired on Speedvision, the filming of the race was a labor of love on the part of Steve McQueen and some studio types he was able to get excited. As racing footage it is unequalled, incredible shots of incredible cars (Porsche 917s and 908s, Ferrari 512s, etc) at speed both during the actual race and afterwards. See it if you get a chance, this weekend on Speedvision. But as a movie it doesn't even rate one star, because it lacks everything that makes a good movie other than action, such as plot, dialogue, acting, character development. Even the soundtrack (and I'm not talking about flat-12 symphonies) was so lame as to be hilarious.

My point is, what is exciting to do for us and exciting to watch for many is not enough to support an entertaining film without a lot of things that most of us find simply annoying, such as that lame love story in "Pearl Harbor" that took up so much of the time that could have been spent blowing up more stuff!!!

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