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No More Movie Stupidity

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Steve McQueen is the best rider ever to be on a movie screen, and can never be topped. Anyone who doesnt agree is obviously a Nazi, just like in the Great Escape.
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Inevitably, the bike will have a twenty-nine speed gearbox too. And no matter how fast they're going, when the bike goes over a puddle of water (or just a wet spot for that matter) it's low-side time.
Anyone who has ever seen the movie "LeMans" will understand the difference between great racing footage and a great movie. As was shown in the "making of LeMans" segment that recently aired on Speedvision, the filming of the race was a labor of love on the part of Steve McQueen and some studio types he was able to get excited. As racing footage it is unequalled, incredible shots of incredible cars (Porsche 917s and 908s, Ferrari 512s, etc) at speed both during the actual race and afterwards. See it if you get a chance, this weekend on Speedvision. But as a movie it doesn't even rate one star, because it lacks everything that makes a good movie other than action, such as plot, dialogue, acting, character development. Even the soundtrack (and I'm not talking about flat-12 symphonies) was so lame as to be hilarious.

My point is, what is exciting to do for us and exciting to watch for many is not enough to support an entertaining film without a lot of things that most of us find simply annoying, such as that lame love story in "Pearl Harbor" that took up so much of the time that could have been spent blowing up more stuff!!!

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Re: Little Faus and Big Halsey

Amazing...we were talking about that movie yesterday. And it was pretty good, from a gearheads perspective (any flic with a nude Lauren Hutton must get at least one, er...thumb up). But we couldn't remember the name of the other actor (not Robert Redford), the guy who was also in "Bonnie & Clyde". Can anyone help?
well, they had to do something to turn a 2 hour battle into a 3 hour movie
Re: Little Faus and Big Halsey

michael j. pollard is the actor's name (opposite robert redford). he did a lot of wacko type guys in various movies. "black rain" has some neat street racing scenes (sort of hokey, a sportster beating a sport bike), and a dirt bike chase scene. hope ll and the movie are alright and do well. the first "rollerball" was good only because james caan was good in it. ll has always been up front with his motorcycle enthusiasm- he rode a gsxr on to the stage at one of his mtv award appearances, it's about time he got real with it. the dmx video, "ruff rider anthem" was the coolest thing i have seen on mtv, up to that point, and i have been watching it since it debuted.
yeah, but it was Bud Ekins that did the jump, not Steve McQueen. Steve is still the man though.
Re: Fled

yeah, ducati "961"s. heh heh heh.

mmmmmmm, ducati in surround sound. Almost as good as being there
What about Chuck Norris in Delta Force? Come on, dirt bikes with rocket launchers, thats realistic isnt it?

What ?!? Nobody remembers the first part of Speed 2. When that guy trew a 996 (AAAAAAAAAA) under a van to stop it.
Re: Never say never

Sidewinder One was Silver Dream Racer in the dirt. Some good race footage, though.

Pete P.
Frankenheimer's "Grand Prix" amkes up for it.

Pete P.

No, and it's a good thing too... I know what I'D do when the next SUV cut me off if I had rocket launchers on my bike... *bwahahahahahahaha...*
Re: Speed

I'd conveniently BLOCKED that from my memory. Thanks for REMINDING me! :p
Re: No disrespect to Steve McQueen......

The actors sat on bikes on a trailer pulled by a truck with a camera in a back. Heck, 90 year olds with a walkers would look like capable riders with that kind of set-up... ;-)
How about Wesley Snipes in ART OF WAR riding the MV AGUSTA around the block??? That was a show of true skill wasn't it?
Re: No disrespect to Steve McQueen......

Y'all think that one was cheesy... remember MegaForce?? Loony plot, bad acting, but the bikes were pretty cool. Someone here probably could rattle off the make and model thay were based on.
You guys are all missing the ultimate fictional motorcycle film: "No Limit" with George Formby (1936) shot on location at the Isle of Man and featuring fantastic musical numbers including "Riding In The T.T. Races" and "Riding Around On A Rainbow" featuring George on his Ukelele (sp?!).

He is leading the race, only to run out of petrol on the last lap :)

A true work of art and a classic... Steve McQueen? Pah!
if tom cruise can learn how to ride that well in three months, or whatever it was he said, maybe he could open a combined nascar and superbike riding school. do you think tom is waiting for mark millers movie?
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