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North Carolina to be New Home for Latest Iteration of Indian.

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Memo to Indian

If you start cranking out evo engined/softail clones with giant fenders and fringe you're going to fail and fail big.
Will Indian be Stellican's Afghanistan?

"When your Indian blows up on North Carolina's plains, and the ******** come out to shoot up what remains, just roll to your bottle, and drink out your brains, and go to yer ghod like a soldier.."

Maybe an Indian motor in a Buell frame? The mind reels!
Re: Memo to Indian

How about small fenders?
Re: Memo to Indian

Quit picking on me you big bully
All that money would have been better spent on Kenny Dreer's Norton resurrection. His 961 Commando was far cooler than any copy-cat-Harley, um, I mean Indian, would be.
There's tremendous potential in this venture. I think they should include Excelsior-Henderson and Norton. Where do I send my $20,000 deposit?!
Maybe they'll make the bikes out of mahogany.
Nooooo. Please tell me this is a bad dream.
Ummm.. right here podjo' I'll pm you the address
I'm surprised there's any meat left on that corpse it's been picked over so many times.

Too bad we can't hook a generator to the tail end of the Springfield Indians, they're spinning in their graves so fast we could power half of Massachusetts
Now that's a mean thing to say and politically incorrect as well. You should be ashamed.
You dare not offend the Casino-owning Americans.
Skeptics aside, these types of companies bring back the dead. Remember that Texas holding group? They brought Ducati back from the brink. Maybe these guys can do positive things with a once great motorcycle company name. Don't expect the clone thing to last too long. They know that the consumer won't allow for it.
I wish them luck.. Looks like government is pitching in to help. At best a great name is restored.. At worst 100 or so folks get job retraining and jobs for a couple of years.. and some rich folks in England can write off the losses.. made with the government subsidies.. Sorry if I sound sarcastic but this country's middle and working class is in trouble...GM, Ford, etc
I think the big difference is that Ducati has a unique line of products. The last Indian was a total joke but that didn't stop the owners and employees from drinking the koolaid.

I had a conversation with an employee who tried so hard to convince me the motor was unique and they even had "proprietary brake calipers!" Woo Hoo!

Indian went out of business in 1953. I just don't think the name has that much value anymore. Chris Craft might be a different story.
Re: Memo to Indian

I'm the bad guy? When did that happen?
Those guys at Chris-Craft are going to want a raise when they see what Indian's paying.Whats the differance between an S&S engine in an Indian or a Volvo in a Chris-Craft? About $7.00 an hour!!
Re: Memo to Indian

When you started your online identity theft ring.
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