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Being an ATL native, life long regular visitor to N GA mts and now having had a place up there for 6 yrs:

Forget that Channel 5 is Fox. Not important. Doesn't tell you squat. What is important is that Channel 5 has always been "B-Team" around here. Always the most lurid stories. Always the most low rent...And they were that way when they were CBS, too. And they were CBS for 3 or 4 times as long as they have been Fox.

Too crowded here. Too many Atlanta people, too many elderly Floridians, too many hikers, too many leaf peepers, too many tourists and yes - too many motorcyclists.

NOW some of you might understand why I keep saying (mostly about the Dragon and Cherohala) as the great Yogi said: "nobody goes there anymore, too crowded".

My wife and I would sell and move, but to where? The Floridians and Northerners have discovered just about every single nice spot here in the South. Heck fire, they even know about the Fall Creek Falls area up on "The Plateau" in TN. People are even moving there, for goodness sakes.

Maybe we should move to the Flint Hills of SE Kansas.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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