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This growing problem has been around forever.

People whining about fast motorcycles is old news. People dying because they are speeding is old news. In the decades I've heard this whining bikes have gotten better and faster. This is largely due to a small devoted group of people in Japan. I would like to personally thank every one of them.

If you ignore that moving at a speed that is two, three or four times faster than the average speed of other vehicles, or that it forces you to use the oncoming lane, or that it exceeds your abilities, or that it exceeds your response time due to a limited line of site you will eventually crash. If you want to survive riding a motorcycle understand that you will eventually die doing it. All you have to do is ride safely and skillfully enough that you die of old age first.

By the way, I don't know good journalism from bad but the reporter struck me as a real pansy.

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