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I've thought about this, I ride a sportbike, but I'm almost to the point where I refuse to ride my motorcycle with anyone else, because it is starting to seem like anytime 2 or more sportbikes get together on the road someone is going to start riding like an idiot.

The only thing I can really think of that can realistically solve this problem without tremendous cost is to start putting up speed bumps in the most "dangerous" areas.

I like to enjoy the twisties like everyone else, but I keep it in control. If an area gets out of control like the area in the story (I've been there) I end up just staying away.

As a bicyclist, hiker, etc.. I think speed bumps are the solution. They are not going to ruin the experience for anyone who is going down these roads for the purpose of getting from point A->B, driving down the road to see the scenery, etc..

But if the speed bumps are at the right distance they will heavily discourage any sportbiker who wants to engage the warp drive. You can blast in between them but as long as they're in the right places no one will be able to go staggeringly fast. Since many of the areas already have 15-25mph marked curves it wouldn't be that big of a hardship on sane road users.

And speedbumps would be far more effective and less expensive then massive law enforcement, speed cameras, helicopter patrols, etc.. The crowd of motorcyclists who come just to abuse the roads & locals would disappear pretty quickly.
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