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I think that channel 5 did a good job with their report. I have been riding these roads for over twenty years. Though I sometimes do extra legal speeds, the closest I have ever come to an accident was when I was almost hit head on by another motorcyclist who was going too fast to make the curve in his own lane. So he used mine. Had I not been able to cut to the inside, the squid would have killed both of us.

The problem has become worse. In the past several years, I have noticed many more riders driving at speeds that don't belong on public highways. And the cops are right. They can't catch these guys in a patrol car. The only way that you can catch these guys is with experienced riders who can get close enough to them to photograph them and take a picture with the plate and speed displayed. Then tie that plate to a license and revoke it. Seize the bike. At first do it for only thirty days. Then revoke/seize for a longer term on second offense. Sell the bike at auction at the third offense.

If the Georgia Highway Patrol were to set up a few officers with specially equipped GSXR 1000s (or other high speed bikes) that can take a picture at the push of a button. We can end the problem quickly. If the police need volunteers, I would guess there would be many experienced riders who are as annoyed as I am.

These twits are not our brother bikers. The are adrenaline junkies who are endangering our right to drive.

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