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Nortons Delivered?

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The latest reincarnate of Norton is based in San Diego....

Err, first post.

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No. Dreary Ken is based in Portland, OR. See for details. However, word is that there is now fighting between Kenny and his financiers, so who knows what will happen next.

The Norton truck you've seen is more likely to be an advertisement! This subject has come up on the old-bike lists, and rolling advertising was felt to be most plausible.

People are STILL waiting for deliveries, but if the rumoured problems are true, they are going to wait a long time.
I think he is using the E-H approach to motorcycle manufacturing and the trailer delivered a load of shirts, hats, and do-rags. They are on sale now at your favorite outlet.
..right next to the Von Dutch handbags...
Kenny Deer owns a company called Vintage Rebuilds. The job there was to build and re-build vintage Notons. Kenny had to start manufacturing hiis own parts for these bikes and that's when he had the idea to buy all the Norton trademarks. Now he builds modern Nortons using materials that are first rate. Problem is, now that Kenny has the name, parts and supplies to go forward there needs to be a cash flow influx of $10 mil to get it going right. He's working on the money part. But if you want a Norton and e-mail him you cand probably get one for around $20K. When things actually go into production the line of bike will retail starting at $13K-$15K. The company is using chromoly(sp) steel frames, rum brembo brakes and ohlins suspensions. They're pretty trick.
sorry for spelling errors- I was rushed
Maybe they'll reproduce the greatest British cruiser ever conceived.. the epitome of European cruisers.... the bike that cemented the reputation of the Norton design team forever... the Schwinn inspired Hi-Rider.
Hey, MikeE, is the "Err" in "Err, first post" short for "Error", as in, "Okay, I was wrong about where the new Norton is located, but it doesn't matter because, hey! I got first post!!!" ;-)
High bars and banana seat. Remember that Raleigh Chopper bike? Another Brit Beauty. It looked like THIS. I don't think the Brits ever understood the chopper thing that well.
I think the new guy has got it right.
It's a great looking bike for sure, but I think I would take my old 72 Combat back in a minute before getting this new one. I'm a glutton for punishment I guess.
Re: Nortons in Oregon

I had a 72 Combat Commando, and it was one sweet bike. I would take that one back for sure.
Is it a part of the motorcycle culture that old brands never die they just go into a state perenniial pending resurrection (PPR). I'm only talking about American and English brands - the Italian's are so tenuous it is impossible to tell if any given brand is solvent at any given time which, I guess, makes them stable by definition. - but if I here about about one more rebirth of Indian or Norton I'm gonna switch my subscription and start reading The Weekly World News for better information. Just because John Bloor did it with Triumph don't mean it's easy.

And hey - when are they gonna start making BSA again?
Looks like a gear driven primary. Norton lurches into the 21st century...
I've got some of those Hanlon trinkets. I picked them up at the E-H tent at Sturgis a few years before they actually made the bikes.
Re: Nortons in Oregon

You both can bid for my '74 Commando - looking through rose colored glasses through the oil mist of time.

Does the new one sport an isolastic suspension system? Dig the way Notons shake and shimmy at idle..just like another brand we all know and love.
Was Kenny Dreer driving the truck?

It takes 100 million dollars to start a motorcycle company. When John bloor resurrected Triumph he had the cash plus a construction business behind it to help support it. Triumph is only about 15% of his total business. When the factory burned down he was able to reconstruct it within what must have been record time and hardly any disruption in shipments of motorcycles. It wasn't until about 2 years ago that Triumph recovered its investment. Manufacturing started in 1993 or so with the US market opening in about '96. So profitability took a lot longer than the five years even Bloor thought it would take.

**** luck Kenny! Your new Norton is the one I've been waiting for, for the last 20 years.
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