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Not a Motorcycle, But...

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At least it's powered by a twin. ;^)
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oops, make that four of them!
Looks like the learning curve would be short and steep.
Deafness then decapitation. Noisey bugger but looks like a total blast. The part they left out of the video is where the guy throws his arms up in triumph and the blades chop them off like a knife through butter.
So what happens if at the end of your 30 minutes you are at 1000 meters straight up. Auto-rotation 12 ft into the ground.
Hmm, traffic in 3 dimensions.
Or as Hudson sez:

"We're on an express elevator to hell! Going down!"
Good Lord!

We can just imagine swarms of these fluttering over the LA basin. It would turn a two-hour commute into 30 minutes. How fun would it be to travel above the 405, laughing your tush off at the swarms of poor saps sitting in their car-prisons?

Of course it would be no fun in very cold or rainy places, or in thunderstorms. We imagine an Aerostich would be of great interest to a helicopter pilot, too!
What's the useful load after fuel? Looks way fun.
Ah, yes. I'm nearly run-over by 2-dimensional cars and trucks *ALL* the time.............
"Noisy little bugger.--MO"

Loud Rotors Save Lives!
It looks too UJH (Universal Japanese Helicopter).
I think I saw this on the cover of Popular Science about 70 years ago.

I guess they finally worked the bugs out.
Four twins.
DOH!!! In my haste to post first, I totally blew it. LOL
Gene Corporation:

Preserving our Japanese kamikaze heritage, one middle-aged businessman at a time.
You have to admit that with a bunch of people flying these gizmos around, that motorcycling would start to look like a safe mode of travel.
Excellent innovative solution. Yes counter rotating rotor helicopters are nothing new. However, by keeping it simple with fixed pitch blade (no collective) and unique yaw contol using a electric motor to create differential rotor torque (no rudder via tail rotor pitch control needed) they have created a different and inovative way to contol a helicopter. Igor would be proud and I suspect intriqued. For all those that racists out there that say Japan Inc. is not creative this is certainly evidence to the contary. For us fixed winged pilots who have tried our hands at the more numerous flight controls of a helicopter this an interesting simplified alternative and could be used for larger applications. Excellent news tidbit MO.. thanks.
1 - 20 of 40 Posts
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