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Not enough ''Highwayman'' posts for ya'?

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Thanks, Larry

Loved 'The Barstool King' and 'Biker S*****'. Can't agree about equating the true Harley scene with The American Way. I met the girl you mentioned in 'The ***** Can Ride' once. She was riding a '74 Triumph Tiger on a rainy 50 degree night in LA. Couldn't understand why I was riding with my jacket buttoned. Didn't hate me for it. Just couldn't understand.
Right Of Passage - Last words are so right

"A "Bikers" not just ownin' a hog,

anyone can play the part.

It comes from inside, ya live for the ride,

mind, soul, heart."

I would take out the word "just" though. Owning/riding a "hog" has nothing to do with it. When a biker is doing what make them a biker the nameplate and model mean nothing. "ya live for the ride, mind, soul, heart." If your still stuck on a brand you still don't have a clue.
Can you tell us dumb-asses how to put the hyperlinks in our posts?
Where is the Highwayman these days? If he really had emigrated to New Zealand to take over the Highwayman Motel in Masterton I figured he'd be posting on by now but no sign of him.
the guy has a raw talent with words, though the sentiments expressed are sometimes ludicrous. On the other hand, there are some real insights amongst the schlock. If he had a good editor, he could probably produce some decent stuff.

His poem "A Road Less Travelled" should give credit to Robert Frost, who long ago wrote a poem called "The Road Not Taken", which ends thusly:

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I --

I took the one less travelled by,

And that has made all the difference.
No offense, but these days one can hardly depict riding a Harley as any sort of lone wolf or unique experience. After all, HDs have become common as fruit flies.

You can't purchase patriotism or "real Americanism" (whatever that is). You can try, though.
For Christ's Sake! Real bikers don't read poetry. Spit, fart, belch and cuss, but poetry????

What dumb son of a bi-hatch posted shi#% for brains post.

Numb nuts for a an I.Q. *****-ant ***-arse Rice burning flamer.

Ahhhhh, much betterf

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Good post, especially the part about the ground-pounder stereos. The laws passed against them in so many towns can just as easily be changed to include motorcycle exhaust noise.
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oops I tried to tell but screwed up.

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I too once rode the Durango-Silverton train. It was very cool for about ten minutes. For the next five hours I was very glad they served alcohol. I had enough bloody marys to keep me from jumping off whilst traveling over one of those insanely high bridges that look insanely rickety on an old train that weighs thousands of tons. Oh well, an interesting experience nonetheless.
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