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Nothin' but flames, baby!

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Ever since Australian bike maker Hunwick Harrop offered to customize each bike for their customers I have wondered why other makers of crusier style bikes havn't followed suit. It seems to make perfect sense for bikes that are more for show than go. VWW
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Is it a Vegas? gonna let me ride it so you can get an opinion from the target demographic? I thought the Vegas at the bike show was way cool, very shagadelic baby, Yeah !
So, you can keep it and never give it back? If so, smart move for Victory.

After a few months, you could sell it to finance another trip to spain or some other cool riding location.
Hey MO boys, shipping to Cali is wasteful and an awful long trip. Just ship to Chicago and I can take care of the first 10,000 or so miles. Think about it.
Ok, we thought about it. Ummm No.
Well I went out and priced compared a superglide and a v92c . All in all I think the victory was the better bike. You owe it to yourself to go check one out. The engine is much lower in the frame then a harley and as a result it handles better and is easier at a crawl. And de flames boss, de flames are really nice. If victory had introduced this bike initially just an inch lower they would have sold more units. I think the vegas will be victories first real victory. If you will.
There was a dressed out flamed Victory at the Baltimore bike show.It looked nice but the out the door pr4ice was 18500!!!!! This is a couple grand more than a road not sure flames are worth that much! It did look nice though.

Victory gives you a bike, but Honda won't even let you ride one. Go figure.
The first Victory bike was a swing and a miss. The styling was just awful. It looked like a mismatched collection of parts.

The new Vegas is sweet looking and I hope it sells well for them. I figure the more competition for H-D the better.
Runner, you should also compare it to the H-D Duece. Looks to me like the Vegas will be Victory's Ace in the hole. High card wins!

The only thing the Duece has on the Vegas is the TC88B and the number of available folks who can work on it. With the Victory, dealer service will be a must. At least for a while.
I went to buy a Harley, nobody would commit to having one before two to three weeks and then it was the luck of the draw. Instead I bought a 2002 V92TC and saved a ton of money. It rides better, sounds better an looks better. I couldn't be happier. By the way, HD told me that I'd have to add $600 for fuel injection!
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