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Now Cee here, Bailey......

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I got my swanky new Cee Bailey windshield the day before yesterday, installed in a few minutes using the supplied hardware and went for a ride around some local roads. Initial impression is that it's considerably quieter than the stock GS shorty and doesn't induce any annoying back pressure or handling irregularities...

Other than that I can't really say, as since we've been under some pretty heavy rain of near Biblical proportions I've been driving to work. The windshield is the stock shape more or less but 4 inches taller and 2 inches per side wider, they make a few different styles offering correspondingly larger or lesser amounts of wind protection put this one seems to work for me both functionally and asthetically

At any rate, seems decent enough, I had one on my K1200GT also and I believe Buz uses one on his K1600 with equally good results. They make a pretty wide veriaty of windshields for a various motorcycle models and also private aircraft and some automotive shades and deflectors so if you're in the market they're worth a look......
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Getting the right screen is a lifelong quest. The VStroms come with a stupid little screen that seems to be designed to create buffeting. I was able to get a decent result with a Madstad bracket and a Givi screen. But, I only used it once, last year when I was riding in 40 degree weather. Otherwise I use the short "sport" screen, which puts clean, smooth air right at the helmet.
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