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How about that - an intelligent "first bike" post. Congratulations! Those bikes are excellent first bikes/city bikes. I'd suggest the less faired of the bikes so that if/when it gets dropped there's minimum damage. There are other bikes that are great first bikes, they're listed many times in other posts.

As for the gear, I'd say you've got a good minimum set as long as you add in gloves. Personally, I never ride without a jacket, boots, gloves, and helmet. I prefer to wear either a full suit or pants as well, but I admit that if I'm riding locally I will often just wear jeans. From experience though, they do just about nothing when it comes to protection.

As for helmets, the more expensive ones are generally...more expensive. As long as it's certified by DOT and SNELL (unless you want a flip-up, make sure it's SNELL also) it will be safe. Pricier ones are often lighter, have removable liners, may vent better, and have nicer graphics - but none of those are necessarily true. The most important thing when buying a helmet is fit and comfort.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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