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My name is Marcus, and I'm looking for my first motorcycle. I have taken the MSF safety course and have my license already. I understand that I have no business on a 'busa or an R1 right now; I've been seriously considering a Ninja EX500 or a GS500E/F. I'm in college, so its necessary to find a beater/used bike. I was wondering if these bikes are good choices.

Also, how much gear is really necessary for riding around town? I had planned on helmet/jacket/boots, and I've already bought the jacket & boots. I've seen people on the highway with leather pants and a back-brace but I'm not sure if thats necessary for city riding.

One last question: Is there anything special about expensive helmets? I've been to the gear store several times, and helmets run from $50 to $500. Are the expensive ones worth the extra money?
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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