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Oh it is On McWilliams is Ready for Laguna

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I only have one question,

I only have one question,

When can I pick up my new street legal Buell XB-RR for the street?
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Oh and...

Oh and Rossi is good, but, me thinks Nicky will walk away with the top honors again this year at Laguna Seca!
Re: I only have one question,

Way before you can buy Zemke's FX Honda or one them factory R6 Yamahas.
Re: I only have one question,

And for a helluva lot less money.
Re: I only have one question,

What you CAN do right now is go down to your Buell dealer and order ALL the parts needed to convert your XB9 or XB19 into an XBRR...

for less than 1/3 the cost of building a CBR600 like Hayes' or an R6 like Bostroms.
Hey Johnnyb,

Glad to see you back at MO (although I'm not sure you actually left). Hope you will continue to contribute to the site. You are/were missed.
I wish Buell the best. McWilliams is a proven rider so Buellers should be encouraged.. Should be fun to watch...if I can get the wife out of house..
I don't think they have a chance at finishing in the top ten..

but, what do I know.

I like the sounds as they pass by.

although, the look of that bulbous fairing is disconcerting.

good luck Eric.
Most excellent. I think Laguna's gonna be GOOD this year. Less than 6 hours, I get on the Jet.
I agree

I have to agree, the shape is seriously ugly, and an ugly paint job to match!! But love that sound and attitude!!
At $100 a pack in Cal you can bet that's covered. I'll get the booze locally though, gotta have something for the BS sessions 'round camp at night.
Re: I only have one question,

The demise of 2-stroke racing meant an end to the affordable bikes like the old TD1. I miss those old smudge pots.
Thank God for Cycle magazine to be able to lay tribute or blame on former editors.

Don't make me raise hopes for a racing Buell they way I used to do for Triumph. I can't go through that again.
Y thank you dear. I just recently remembered, in a state of drunken clarity, my password so's I can post stories.
Re: I agree

The most efficient subsonic shape is the teardrop. A blunt fairing is more slippery than a narrow one. Look at a DC-3 fuselage or other subsonic aircraft. Maybe Eric's onto something.
Re: I agree

Excellent point... In general you want the blunt end followed by the narrow end e.g. raindrops, teardrops, eggs, etc are examples of natures way of doing it...Compare subsonic commercial aircraft with the Concorde. Or bike helmets in the Tour DeFrance Time Trails.. So yep Eric is on to something and wind tunnel tests probably confirmed it..
Slipper Clutch!!!!

If any bike on the planet needs one, it's the Buell. I think that acceleration isn't the reason we only get 5k miles out of a back tire, it's the sliding during downshifting!

Racing is Good for the Breed!

Re: Slipper Clutch!!!!

it should help. They asked Mcwilliams at beginning of season to make a list of things to improve. 1 thru 5 were Slipper Clutch...

now if it just doesn't break... tough to develop bike and race at same time. cross fingers...
Re: I only have one question,

They had to get rid of 'em cuz that damn Indian kept crying.
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