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Bod, you are dating yourself.

I haven't heard anyone use "Commies" in about 20 years now. (Back in my Regan Navy days!)

I have to proudly say that I was thrown out of my local Suzuki dealer (Springfield Suzuki/Kawasaki) in 1998 and have not been back! I went in with cash in hand to buy a new TL1000R, at full boat, "first on my block to own one" and the dealer was/is a total **** to me.

The owner was puting tags on the jet ski handlebars, and the parts guy was standing at the parts counter. A "salesman" was talking to a looker about a cruiserbike.

By this time several other people had came in and were looking at bikes, and a mother with her son was at the parts counter. After standing around for about 15 minutes while being ignored, I asked the owner for some help with the TL1000R, as they had 3 of them, 2 blues, and one yellow, and I wanted to buy one.

His response? the salesman will be with me when he is done helping his customer!

This REALLY pissed me off, so I asked in a rather loud voice, did he know if there was still a Suzuki dealer in Marionville, and was it open on Saturday mornings, as I wanted to buy a TL1000R, and maybe they had one that they wanted to sell.

I wound up buying a Moto Guzzi Sport 1100 from a motorcycle Dealer in Mt. Vernon, Ohio.

I have never have been back into a Suzuki dealership since then.

I think the Guzzi was a good choice, as I am now really into bikes with 'Character" like 1/2 turn throttles with springs that make a Studebaker clutch spring seem weak!

Oh well, that is why dealers get a bad reputation.

By the way, I have bought several bikes on E-bay, and LOVE it. No dealer BS, and you get what you want, at the price you are willing to pay, and not a penny more.

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