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Oh the Humanity

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First Post!

A lot of dealers prefer to get you to use their financing. Perhaps they just don't want you to use another credit union.

I only bought one new bike, and it was through Honda's financing, so I got no such attitude.
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Hmm... this is interesting Ive experienced the same problem with cage dealers...I think they dont like money yeah thats it there commies and dont like wife must not be a commie she always takes my money without question or permission now that I think about it...
Heres another "WHAT I THINK COMMENT" I think this special financing is killing part of the used market because some 20 yr old buys a 10g bike pays 29$ a month for a year after a year he figures he cant make the real payment and the insurance so he tries to sell it for payoff which is what a new bike sells for at the time. So the bike gets repoe'd ends up at the auction and hopefully I can buy it a a good price. I got a 2002 vfr last fall in great shape with 4500 miles for $5500 and it had sta-tune exhaust on it with the stock exhaust thrown in which i sold on ebay for a couple hundred bucks. But this was out of a paper not at auction. I've seen these repos at auctions and sometimes there are some good deals I'm hunting a good second bike now maybe something in a 600 or 750 standard
1 - 2 of 67 Posts
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