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Oil My Gawd!

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You mentioned doing other work while doing the oil change. Did you replace the drain plug, install oil filter and fill the bike until the oil level appeared in the oil window?
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Sounds like a typical EX500 - if you uncover the pickup and allow enough time for the oil to drain from the pump, it loses its prime. Like; if your Wife drops the bike and waits for Hubby to come home to pick it up - or you change the oil and get interrupted and have to finish-up several hours later. Had both happen to the same bike.

You can repeatedly start and stop the bike, hope it will "catch".

Or, you can (carefully!) pull the filter back off, fill it full of oil, then re-install (you have GOT to be quick on the install!).

Or, you can just ignore it, and eventually the noise will quit. One way or another.
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I hope you realize, "Anonymous," that the correct answer will cost you $12.

Just letting you know. "Staff" can be a real PITA.

Personally, I'm happy you didn't ask what kind of oil to use. We're not due for another oil thread until next Thursday. It comes up right after the tire thread, but before the Harley-is-going-t!ts-up-any-day-now thread.
Three oil changes in a year? Do you have like 30,000 miles on that bike? If not, quit changing the oil so much and ride the damned thing.
Re: ALRIGHT !!!!!!!!!


What?....Oh, easy first check to see you have four empty oil jugs on your bench or in the garbage. Then check to see if you have oil in the sight glass. Then start the bike and see if the oil level drops. If all those check out then you probably affected the oil pressure switch wiring with you "additions" and just imagine it's noisy. Go back and undo what you did and check any fuses, then sh*tcan those lights, they look stupid anyway and ride the bike instead of screwing around with oil chages every 2k miles.
I would start by changing the oil again, its probably due.
Just say NO to more oil threads. Damn, what's next, a debate (or diatribe) on how to best "clean" an air filter?!
I say we start a "what kind of oil should I use on my air filter?" thread.
Maybe he does have 30k miles on it…

Maybe he likes to change his oil every 3k miles and has 9K miles (which is more likely the case)…

Maybe he has Oil Changing OCD and changes it daily…

Who cares!!!

Why not just answer his question, which I think is a completely legit question, without being condescending!

Yet another unnecessarily, and unfunny, sarcastic comment from Longride.

Keep up the great work of giving Harley riders a bad name by acting like a Harley elitist Longride.

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If somebody like me was doing the wiring, it's very possible that I screwed up the wiring and there's nothing wrong that putting the oil light back on it's own circuit wouldn't cure. I'm not saying that's what it is, but after some house rewiring, we had to turn on the front porch light to get the stove to light. It happens.
Nothing less than synthetic for such a critical application.
5w30 Car oil is just as good, works in transmissions too

Maybe he doesn't have 30,000 miles

maybe he doesn't like to change his oil every 3K

If you don't care, then why do you post?

Why don't you worry what the f&ck you say and quit worrying about me.

And you were saying something about being condescending?

I always keep up wht great work. If an a$$hole like you doesn't like me, I know I'm on the right track.
"If you don't care, then why do you post?"

If you actually read what I wrote instead of becoming so belligerent you would have seen my point was his question IS "completely legit" and should be answered coherently.

Not muddied by useless and dismissive comments like "quit changing the oil so much and ride the damned thing."

Come on sethch, give him a little slack, he probably has been giving CPR to a few pucking whores on the streets of Gary, and he is stressed out :)
So there have been two responses, barring all the noise, that have been offered so far:

Airhawk - > pump needs to be primed

Sarnali - > you f*cked up the wiring, retrace your steps and undo, see if it fixes it.

My vote is for Airhawk's; there's no way the fuse for the lights and the turn signals have anything to do with pumping oil in the engine.
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Very true but splicing into wiring could effect the oil pressure switch and cause the light to come on, which was the point I was trying to make.
Ah, that makes sense.
This mat be a possibility...

Does the oil filter cover fit more than one way? On the Kaw. Super Sherpa the cover will fit either way but only one is correct (it has an oil channel cast in the cover). Maybe worth a check.

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