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Old bikers prompts renewed focus on safety.

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First Post?!
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"90hp" I was thinking the same thing. That would be a sweet set-up. Maybe throw in 110-115 ft/lb torque and we're all set.
I started riding back in the '70's on a Ducati 250 and eventually wound up on a Triumph Bonneville. Gave up riding a few years later (long story) and then got the bug back again in the early '90's.

Bought a Yamaha YZF 600, thought it was a great bike, but I really lusted for an R1, so I bought that in 2002. Greatest bike going!

All this would probably mean nothing except for the fact that I'll be 70 next month. I guess that qualifies me as an "Old Biker," but in my own defense, I don't think that makes me a "Lousy Biker!"

Everyday I see Sammy Squidley and his friends weaving in and out of traffic and the aforementioned Harley rider still trying to figure out which is the clutch lever and which is the brake. I doubt that age is the factor when you look at these riders, only stupidity and inexperience. So, give us "oldies" a break when it comes to classifying who can ride and who can't.

Still can wheelie.....! OK, maybe 2 inches, but it's still a wheelie!
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Who was at fault in most of these accidents,the riders or cagers? The number of older riders is increasing in most western countries,so more bikes on the road means more chances of accidents.A lot of older riders seem to ride in groups,maybe the distraction of following and trying to keep up with the pack takes thier focas off the other road hazards.With any group there's always a mix of experiance and ability, but some riders try to keep up with the pack even if they are riding way beond thier capability.
Too old, too young, no helmet, full face helmet, armor, no armor, boots, sandals, bikes too big, bikes to small, alcohol, drugs, cellphones, cagers, know your limitations, ignore your limitations, training, no training, MSF training, crotch rockets, fat cruisers, loud pipes, ABS, light modulators, hi tech, no tech, lo tech, etc. The repetition. The horror.
I've been riding for 54 yrs,started with HD 45/Indian 30.50 and have moved with the flow to sportbikes,now riding a Guzzi Jackal I consider to be as heavy as I can ride sensibly.

You guys are all hitting the truth about some of the weekend warriors on immensely clumsy bikes. Not enough seat time,too much ego/peer pressure to take a riding course,lots of other issues.

I gotta say having to do a riding test is a way to put some sense into this deal. I remember trying to stuff my Honda VF100RG through the cones in CA and realizing it was not as agile as I had thought. I doubt any of these huge cruisers can get through a tight layout riding test. Maybe this is the means to get back to machines we can survive the cagers stupidity on?
I had one of his 35 greatest hits cd's cranked up on the LT I rented. It was not unusual...
I'll betcha that the numbers of oldfatHDguys getting aced is high because there are so many more of them that can afford bikes than younginvinciblesquids. Around SaltLake the HD guys far far out number sportbikers. Although maybe the sportbike crash stats will plummet now that Martin is laid up.
Gray Pony Tail Brotherhood i.e. the Harley boys... Baby Booomers... I invented the term right her on MO. 12er hates me for it.
Re: Glory be!

That would be a "typical response" because it's the correct response. If the 'gov' is going t make my decisions for me, then there is no freedom. Freedom gives you the ability to succeed or fail by your own choices. It's something you liberals never understood.
Another gem from you that just shows your stupidity. Why would you be at a 'drive-in' on the weekend watching the baby boomers? Maybe some boomer envy going on? I thought you were this serious road rider that will show everyone his taillight in the 'twisties'?? LOL So now you are hanging around drive-in's because you suck at riding and snicker at all the other guys that supposedly suck at riding. Did you challenge them to compare MSF scores? Maybe a bench-press contest to show who's boss?? LOL What a moron.
Re: Dubious Data?

"But as they hit the road in record numbers, riders 40 and older also have been getting killed more often than their younger counterparts...."

I'd like to see some backup for that statement before putting too much credence in it. What data are they citing? And is it national data or just Washington state data?

My sense is that older people generally drive more cautiously, making up for slower reflexes. And they tend more to relatively sedate cruisers rather than greased lightning sportbikes which can be unforgiving in the wrong hands.

And 40+ is "older" in the sense of diminished riding capabilities? I don't think so. Not unless you're racing competitively. At 60 or 65, there might be some significant decline but not at 40.
100hp/100tq is very easy to get from a lightly modded twin-cam.
My girls (ages 8 & 10) ride more miles of single track on their xr70 and xr80 in a weekend than he rides on the road on his ninja. he's a poser's poser.
Longride, define "lightly"

I don't think the 88s I've ridden with all the usual stage one or a light cam are comming near that. I know the 95 inch kit is a monster done up in a FXDX, but it goes beyond a "lightly" touch.

The other reason I'm asking, I may need a Big Lux ride.(I'm getting slow before I ever got fast)
ooooh the dirty mean Republican getting laws repealed. It's all their fault, the global warming yelowcake buying influenza spreading miscreants. And now they're riding motorcycles too? Time to switch to decaf kp.
'Lightly' is jugs bored to 95", ported head, midrange cam. I consider it 'lightly' because it can be done for about 1000 bucks and assembled in a garage in a weekend. No cases need to be split, no injector system modifications(except a power commander), engine stays in frame, no tricks or special skills required. I think Buzglyd just added cams to his Glide with no upper end work and got 80 hp.
Thanks. You should see me tighten a chain. That kind of work on a motor requires my special wallet wrench.
You are my new hero!

I'm 48 and my knees won't let me ride my sportbike for more than 2 hours.

Re: I'm sick of this issue

Man, I hear ya. While I was last depolyed, I was going to using the overseas program to get a good deal on a Buell, but when I got back I was told I wouldn't be able to ride it due to it being a 900, and since I'd only taken my MSF course a year ago, all I could ride was 600 or less.
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