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One Hundred Billion Dollahs!

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By reading through your stats I see that a request is not equal to a unique session. A "request" is a request for a unique element of a page...thus if a page is one html file, 15 jpegs, and 4 get 20 "requests" from that page being loaded everytime.

The only interesting number, IMO, is daily/month/yearly sessions, and UNIQUE sessions.
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Last August, we cleared one million unique visits/month, and are substantially bigger now.

Since MO is only four "hits" for the home page (three images and one HTML page) we have the lowest "hit" to visitor ratio I've seen. HyperBusa brings up a good point, though: we could easily double our page views and hit count by making out most-visited page, the home page, a three-frame layout with tons if little graphics. Many sites have done this in the past in order to pump up numbers. That we generate the amount of traffic that we do given this (and the fact that we're a "niche" motorcycle site) is remarkable, and that we've sustained it -- and steady growth -- for so long is doubly so.

Anyway, being that even unique sessions is an arbitrary counting method, the only thing we take stock in is the actual number of people that read MO per month, per quarter, and per year. Before I left on my hike, I set up a custom-written system to track/measure this, and the numbers show intriguing trends... but I can hear people falling asleep with boredom as I type this!
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Keep up the good work.

Thanks to MO for bringing varied content, breaking news on new bikes, humor and well-deserved criticism (when called for) to the online motorcycling community. Sure, it's not the most glamourous, cuting edge site of rbikes, but the simple fact is it works, and works well. Content is always more important than design. Congrats, and here's to the next billion whatevers.

William R.

Looks like we love you more when it is cold out (Feb.) or hot out (August, when championship races are heating up), more or less. Guess we are all out riding the rest of the time.
zzz...ZZZ...zzz.... j/k ;-)

Thanks for clarifying it up a little. I'm a websquid too, so I get interested in this crap.
OK I'm still wondering why you "hiked" I mean darn, don't you have a motorcycle you could have rode?
Nah... that hiking trip sounds cool man...
I spend my days behind computer terminals, connected via always-on wireless, cell phone and 1.54 Mb line at my house. I'd had enough of computers and technology...

That said, the PCT if, of course, closed to motorized vehicles, and bicycles alike. I enjoy nature and preserving it, but I tend to disagree with allowing horses on trails without forcing the riders to pick up after them (see wads of horse doo at the head of an otherwise pristing creek flowing out of a mountain really sucks -- it means you can't drink the water without treating, or at all), and would've really loved to "poach" my mountainbike along some sections -- it's basically singletrack from Mexico to Canada!
squish! :(

Bet the scenery was gorgeous though! Right time of year for it!

So what...I like MO

Hey, if they get only 1 request a week or 1000 a week I still like reading the stuff on MO....

Great Job
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