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One-Lunged Monsters

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Absolutely an OUTSTANDING article!
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Who is Paul Garson? He runs rings around the print rags. Excellent story!

Us MOrons are lucky to have him spinning such tales to us. Well done.

By the way, there has to be a works Bultaco or Montessa out there for us to drool over. Something about the Spanish bikes from that era.
Interesting stories on some unique bikes. Don't forget the HL500 Yamaha. Frame kits are available from an Austrailan firm, just add TT500 power. Love all thumpers! [email protected]
You can keep your Gixxers and CBRs and your liter-class madness. You can keep your Harleys and chaps and choppers.

Oh but this sweet Saturno!!!

That officially joins my pantheon of nicely designed bikes.

Which also include:

2003 R1 (I've compared and compared I just like the 2003 better than the 2004)

That amazing new Confederate Wraith

the MV Agusta F4

the CBR F2/F3 (laugh if you want but when you see a cherry one on the street it still looks pretty f'n tight).

I don't include boutique bikes in my pantheon. But if I did, that Indian Larry guy makes some nice bikes.
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I must be getting old! I have really enjoyed the last few articles that you have had on old bikes. It's funny, but I have 4 Buells, including an 88" mountain moter, a ZX7RR with an 800cc cosworth 153 hp engine & Ohlins at both ends, an XN85 Turbo, and a few other bikes, all performance bikes.

I used to look forward to the latest review of the Hayabusa/GSXR 2500 etc.

But I find myself thinking back to the 79 GS1000S that was my first real "sportbike" and all the fun and memories that I had with it.

I would really enjoy someone doing a story on the GS1000S, the REAL Katanas, the '82 GS1000SZ and '83 GS1100EZ. And maybe even the KZ1000R and KZ1000R/S1 ELR's.

I won't mention the time in '85 at Westwood race track in BC when I had a chance to buy a REAL all original ELR S-1 for $ 2,800 with spares! (of course, I didn't buy it)

By the way, there is a fellow down the road from me that has a '77? Hercules rotary motorcycle that has about 2,000 original miles on it. Bike is perfect.......

Write on!

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Great story! I just recently passed a "certain" age milestone which in turn lead a bit of introspection. I've been thinking about adding a single - going back to the point where I started many moons ago. While I lust for exotica such as in the article, something more mundane is more likely.

Thanks again, Garson and MO. Keep this great stuff coming...keeps the little grey cells active.
Ever see this story?

There are still some of these bikes around, Honda GB500's too, on the used market.
I was glad to see some others who recognize the fun in smaller, older, simpler bikes. Thanks for a great read. My old '73 Sprint 350ss and '78 Yamaha SR500 give me hours of enjoyment. And not all of those hours are spent riding. These bikes can be torn apart with relative ease but parts are getting a bit pricey now. Still, considering the purchase price, the totally restored project is not too expensive. You won't see one on every corner either.
Those singles are OK but my heart belongs to the Honda SL100 I had as a teen. Light enough to throw in the back of the family County Squire stationwagon, it was equally at home on the road or in the sand pits. The knobbies made it dificult to get flats, and when I carried a passenger, who rested his feet on the engine case, I coasted on the downside of hills to keep the cylinder from seizing. It never let me down. I took it to college in NH and rode it on the frozen lake laughing when I fell. It was light enough to ride on top of the deep snow crust, just breaking the surface for traction.
An interesting article. I especially enjoyed the segment about the YZs. The part that really grabbed me was the 1964 YZ360. That is truly a find, seeing as the DT1 wasn't even created yet. In 1964, Yamaha was into YDS2( a 250 cc 2-stroke twin street bike), not even considering dirt bikes at this early stage. It seems that none of the young pups caught this little typo!

As an interesting historical sidenote, Joel Robert's factory 250 Suzuki of the same vintage as the early factory YZ, weighed only 169 pounds. He looped it over six times in the first days of testing just getting used to the super light weight!
Not considering "Dirtbikes" in 1964 but "Trailbikes" yes. The 1962 MJ2T was Yamaha's first dual purpose effort followed in '63 by the YG1T and the YL2C in '67 a year before the DT1. I don't count the YDS3C Big Bear as a "Trailie" and I don't think anyone else would who had actually tried to ride one offroad. Some might count the 1964 YDS2M Ascot Scrambler however.
Only wish there were some pics of the Vincent without the fairing. Pretty as it is the appeal for me for these old bikes is the sight of the mechanicals. Never have seen a Vincent single but the old twin engine is a top ten feast for the eyes and imagination.
I seem to have lost interest in much past the '70s. Last Sunday I fired up the 77 LeMans and went for a ride-didn't do a single thing that a new bike would have done better or faster.

Dragged out the CT90 yesterday and watched my wife ride it 'round the house in full Dr. Zhivago kit.

Rode my Bultaco Frontera down the street in a blue cloud.

March doesn't get any better than this.
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Those are all nice bikes in the article, but for sheer desirability for me, nothing beats a Gold Star. It's one of the best looking motorcycles ever made, handles great, and is pretty fast, even today.

A Norton Manx would be nice too, while I'm dreaming...
Funny you should mention a Bultaco! I just happen to know a guy in Louisiana that used to race those, and still has one. Slated for restoration, like soon! Will send pictures to MO when he gets done. Claims he won't ride it after restoration, yeah, right.....
I'm afraid he got the decade wrong. That's a late '74-'75 YZ360, not '64.

Yep, info, insight on the old Spanish bikes would be nice. What made them dudes so fast anyway? I had no tech knowledge back

in those days..and was never exposed to anyone that owned Buls and the like. I can

remember Mike Kidd riding short track here in

Duncanville on a 100 Bultaco!.... Kirby
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