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One Racer's Opinion Regarding The Future Of AMA Superbike

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first! AMA Superbike racing is already dead..
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You go on ahead, I'll round up the usual suspect and we'll meet you over there in a bit.
Re: Well it didn't take long. kpaul's short rebuttal

It reminds him of the good times before the country was ruined.
Re: Well it didn't take long. kpaul's short rebuttal

On non-smoking flights no less.
Plus 1 for the RC-30. I have a friend with a '90 that has 666 miles on it and parked in a heated garage on a tender. I tried to buy it twice with no luck and I said no the one time he offered it to me for $15,500. Probably bring close to $25k today.

I may have to give him a call.
I think the VFR will be new but with a larger V4, 1000 maybe. Don't know if they kept the vfr in production to address future racing plans. Seems the RC models departed rather quickly from the race scene.

I for one would love to see 800cc V4s pumping out 130-150hp for the street if it is offered in something along the lines of a VFR or ST3.

I've owned 3 vfrs and the biggest drawback is 55 ft/lbs. of torque.

BTW, read the MO rules on the home page, "cowboy up" is not allowed on the basis it's overplayed and corny.(same with "Git-er-dun")
Re: Slow down there, killer

Don't lecture anyone on original thought. And for my facts and data, click HERE, HERE, HERE and this LINK.
I'm watching til 23:59, third direct comment to KP and you are out.
1 - 11 of 164 Posts
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