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One Racer's Opinion Regarding The Future Of AMA Superbike

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first! AMA Superbike racing is already dead..
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And get paid way more than teachers or doers!
Re: Well it didn't take long. kpaul's short rebuttal

I just like the fact that an engine that has yet to be fired in anger is the "first evidence" that V4s are going to "dominate."

Of course if the Aprilia is successful, all the Japanese will rush to copy it.
Re: Let me draw you a picture

Name one bike.
Re: Let me draw you a picture

Back to ignore mode.
It's very typical for those with narcisstic personality disorder to also have paranoid personality disorder as well.

It all falls under OCD.
I guess I better choke up on the bat and go to right.
1 - 7 of 164 Posts
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