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One Racer's Opinion Regarding The Future Of AMA Superbike

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first! AMA Superbike racing is already dead..
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Well kpaul is right on one thing... V-4s are the shiznit for a motorcycle engine.

The only thing holding 'em back is that they're more expensive to build. The Big 4 business model is to provide maximum value at a price point and the most inexpensive route to performance is the inline 4.

For that reason V-4s will remain fringe bikes...

Honda may continue their technological flagship the VFR, Aprilia and Ducati will sell very expensive V-4 ultra-bikes but the majority of superbikes will continue to be inline 4s.

P.S. The RC-30 and RC-45 are the coolest bikes Japan ever made or ever will make.

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Re: Well it didn't take long. kpaul's short rebuttal

"Why 800cc V-4s? (schizuki and pdad the ever clueless ones asked this question) Goto and find the answer."

No, I'm really interested in what YOU think on this. Really - I am not being facetious in the least here.

"The first evidence that V-4 are going to dominate superbike comes from THE APRILIA V4 RACE MACHINE ENGINE "

Aprilia has had this engine in the works for at least 5 or 6 years now - this isn't something they just pulled out of their collective asses the day before yesterday. You might have seen it as early as '03, if not for all the turmoil they've been through in the last few years.

V-4s are not inherently heavier. The VFR just happens to be heavy. If V-4s were inherently heavier why would they dominate motogp.. Seruzawa you say that I am crazy and a idiot ... But your statement 'bikes that are heavier in return for a narrower profile. " is really off the mark.
There´s Royal Star also. I like V-4 in a cruiser. I has some weirdo V configuration sound, silky smooth delivery and looks good also from the left (exhaust on both sides). Should have more power though.

- cruiz-euro
Re: Well it didn't take long. kpaul's short rebuttal

Re: Well it didn't take long. kpaul's short rebuttal

Nice use of facts/data.
LOL That's better.. Hey Gabe we have a fast learner over here...
Re: Well it didn't take long. kpaul's short rebuttal

I just like the fact that an engine that has yet to be fired in anger is the "first evidence" that V4s are going to "dominate."

Of course if the Aprilia is successful, all the Japanese will rush to copy it.
Plus 1 for the RC-30. I have a friend with a '90 that has 666 miles on it and parked in a heated garage on a tender. I tried to buy it twice with no luck and I said no the one time he offered it to me for $15,500. Probably bring close to $25k today.

I may have to give him a call.
Re: Well it didn't take long. kpaul's short rebuttal

>When a complete idiot makes a statement,

>it's usually a safe bet to go with the other

>side of the argument.

This is not true. A complete idiot gets 50% things right on average. More intelligent person gets more, but never even close to 100%. Now the truly patological case is a semi-intelligent person who gets things usually right but is not intelligent enough to realize he is not right all the time.

- cruiz-euro
Coolest bike that the Japanese have ever made is a Kawi 750 H2 two stroker

- cruiz-euro
"Go to (V-4s dominate motogp)"

What influence does MotoGP have on streetbike engine configuration?

"and to see Aprilia's new V-4 superbike"

Oh, well, if Aprilia is making a V-4 sportbike, then I take it all back. This changes everything.
Let me draw you a picture

Let me diagram trickle down technology... You should be a fan of it since you were a fan of trickle down economics...


| |

A wise man learns from his mistakes.. Good for you
Be sure it's an excellent use of facts and data.
Re: Well it didn't take long. kpaul's short rebuttal

I'll draw you another picture..


Re: Let me draw you a picture

Name one bike.
Re: Well it didn't take long. kpaul's short rebuttal

Then there's the case that doesn't know he's basically an annoyance, and comes up with some obscure bullshyt and acts like it's fact. Ring a bell?
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