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One Racer's Opinion Regarding The Future Of AMA Superbike

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first! AMA Superbike racing is already dead..
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Re: Well it didn't take long. kpaul's short rebuttal

"Why 800cc V-4s? (schizuki and pdad the ever clueless ones asked this question) Goto and find the answer."

What influence does MotoGP engine configuration have on streetbikes?

"The first evidence that V-4 are going to dominate superbike comes from THE APRILIA V4 RACE MACHINE ENGINE – A CLOSER LOOK"

No, kpaul, that is not evidence that V-4's are going to dominate Superbike racing. That is evidence that Aprilia is building a V-4.

You continue to cite things that have not happened yet as evidence of your tiresome predictions. You are cementing your reputation as the Great Motorcycle-prediction Premature-ejaculator.
Re: Let me draw you a picture

"Let me diagram trickle down technology... You should be a fan of it since you were a fan of trickle down economics...


| |


Your diagram has skidmarks all over it from where you pulled it.
Re: Well it didn't take long. kpaul's short rebuttal

Safest thing for Boeing to do. Have him design things that aren't used at all. Sort of like when my daughter was 4 and I used to let her "help" me by making mud pies.
Re: Let me draw you a picture

Ha ha! He finally got you too!
Re: Let me draw you a picture

Back to ignore mode.
Re: Well it didn't take long. kpaul's short rebuttal

Actually antone who is really really smart isn't working for someone else!

TheFox said it best when he said, "Die in a fire."
Well, the facts and data are that when you end you article with "For those of us who aren't fascinated with debating the maintenance of obsolete V-Twin valves, read more..." you are obviously trying to troll.

"There he goes again" Reagan voice.
He should run for office. He's dumb as a fence post and is constantly accusing others of acting like himself.
I can't figure out why you guys think KP is wrong on this.... Ultimately, the v-4 800 cc motor will produce more torque and equal power to any inline motor of the same cc size. Yamaha proved this 22 years ago when they introduced the V-Max. The 85-86 version of the bike made 145hp at the crank with old technology and carbs. Now imagine Honda producing a VFR for Superbike racing. If the 800 GP motor produces some 230-250hp, then why couldn't they produce a "dumbed-down" version for Superbike and the VFR? Honda would have a $12,000, 180hp, V-4 street bike ready for the '09 race season. Hate to say it but KP hit this one out of the park. BTW- the Aprilia V-4 has been in development for 3-4 years and so has the KTM superbike and Aprilia will be ready to race before the KTM. V-twin racing will only have Ducati to fall back on. How long will they hold on to the ideology that "Twins are what we race". Even Italians know when it's time to move forward. In the mean time, KTM will only be selling streetbikes in the V-Twin format- I don't think that they have the funds for a WSB project and they surely don't have enough power coming from the V motor......
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Re: Let me draw you a picture

I never got the memo.
Re: Well it didn't take long. kpaul's short rebuttal

"Hate to say it but KP hit this one out of the park. "

Yeah, my Honda RCV 211V V-5 totally kicks a$$. How's yours running?
The ever increasing performance of Superbikes are now closing in on full development. Basically, within the next 2-3 seasons of racing the development cycle for 1000 cc bikes will come to a close. V-Twins are already there. Why do you think Ducati is whining about a cc bump? They've said that they can go no further with the motor. In-line bikes are at the end of their cycle, as well. You WILL NOT see any "streetbikes" producing 200hp in the litre class- period. The Superbike class will top out on power in the 210-220hp range and stagnate. Therefore, new technology that is trickling down from GP will allow 750-800cc V-4 bikes to produce the same power as current litre bikes. The shift in market perception will allow the customer to, in essence, take a step backwards in order to move forward. Honda will lead the way in this. And if you don't think that Ducati is aware of this your smoking too much crack lately and should seek treatment. All the public needs is one Asian and one European manufacturer to "cowboy up" and send bikes to the street. You don't think they kept the VFR around so long because they're the coolest bike Honda sells? Honda has bigger things in mind and they plan well in advance for these things. Within one year of the intro of a completely redesigned VFR Yamaha and Ducati will both step up. After 10 years of messing around in this industry you start to see things in a five year fast forward point of view. By 2010-11 Honda, Yamaha, Ducati and Suzuki will all be racing V-4 bikes in WSB, AMA, BSB, and Austrailian Superbike.
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Boy...this one has been fun so far!!!! yeeehaaw. I think there's a chance KPAUL is right on this one.....the V4 definitely could be a force if cost and weight can be controlled. (By the way others have been saying this for awhile--its hardly an original thought). But KPAUL:Why do you insist on making yourself look like an idiot. ??? Even when I agree with you ,you seem stupid. You resort to personal attacks and then bristle when others attack see attacks in posts that dont even address think people are responding to you when they arent. What IS your problem??? Then again,it CAN be entertaining.
"Even when I agree with you ,you seem stupid."


But yes, very entertaining.
Talk about faulty logic read this and then read my response to seruzawa

click here
Re: Well it didn't take long. kpaul's short rebuttal

Why are you doing this?
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