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One Racer's Opinion Regarding The Future Of AMA Superbike

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first! AMA Superbike racing is already dead..
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This the only intelligent point you have made on this thread. The rest of your posts have been a personal attacks i.e. true weasel stuff.. Have to say longride's post is revisionist history for him i.e. 20/20 hindsight. I am sure he now goes around telling folks that he didn't vote for W and the Iraq war was a bad thing..
Re: Talk about faulty logic read this and then read my response to seruzawa

Dude, I was serious here - why is it *YOU* think the 800cc V-Four is the future be-all-end-all of Motorcycling?

You don't have to give a 50-page dissertation on the history of the world - and I'm not necessarily disagreeing with you on it either - I'd just like to see an outline of your ideas on this.

You claim to be the GMP - give me a reason to believe it.
So if you feel the v-4 is so great, than why does it have such a low score on your Performance Index. And why would an obsolete V-Twin be ahead of it?

Suzuki GSX-R750 100.00

Buell Firebolt 88.20

Honda Interceptor 72.01

Too heavy, too expensive, and slow...
"You resort to personal attacks and then bristle when others attack see attacks in posts that dont even address think people are responding to you when they arent."

See what I mean? It's paranoia. Everyone is perceived as an enemy. It's also self-fulfilling. People who are treated as enemies eventually become enemies purely in self-defense.
Dr seruzawa did you stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night. You are my favorite amateur shrink...
It's very typical for those with narcisstic personality disorder to also have paranoid personality disorder as well.

It all falls under OCD.
For example the CBR 600RR has a dry weight of 345 pounds vs the Interceptor 481 pounds. The Interceptor prithe kPPI for the VRF. In addition, the 1/4 time is almost 11 secs.. Is that the motors fault? Partially but its more the weight of the bike...The VFR is a sport tourer not a sportbike...
And you would know how? ;)
I think the VFR will be new but with a larger V4, 1000 maybe. Don't know if they kept the vfr in production to address future racing plans. Seems the RC models departed rather quickly from the race scene.

I for one would love to see 800cc V4s pumping out 130-150hp for the street if it is offered in something along the lines of a VFR or ST3.

I've owned 3 vfrs and the biggest drawback is 55 ft/lbs. of torque.

BTW, read the MO rules on the home page, "cowboy up" is not allowed on the basis it's overplayed and corny.(same with "Git-er-dun")
Re: Well it didn't take long. kpaul's short rebuttal

Maybe you "should of" done a little research/remembering... Kocinski and the RC45 (like the one that IS on a stand in my garage) WON the WSB Championship, beating the Ducs, the year before they switched to the RC51... it's never been clear to me just why they DID switch to the twin, but it WASN'T because they couldn't compete with the Ducs...
But it is "kpaul Price Performance Index" not "kpaul Price Performance sportbike Index"

The '06 600RR is listed at 361. The Interceptor (sans ABS) is at 470. And how does this relate to the Buell having a 16.19 points higher than the VFR with nearly the same price and horsepower. Wouldn't your price performance include actual performance other than power output and lap time since your index is not race oriented?
Slow down there, killer

Be are straying into a minefield. Are you aware that you are attempting to use KPaulCook's own invention, the fictitious sportbike performance index, against him? While I applaud your motives and techniques, you have neglected one thing.

This man is not reasonable.

Look, you can use the kPPi index to prove that a Ducati 851 will beat an early '90s VFR. Even better would be to prove a Yamaha Warrior superior to a Yamaha Royal Star. It does not matter. KPaul will just ignore you, or change the rules. It's silliness.

It's like this - let's say you are at the zoo and you're looking at the monkeys. Hypothetically, one of the monkeys starts screaming at you, and jumping up and down, and acting like a madman. What do you do?

Now, it's kind of fun to provoke that monkey from time to time, simply for entertainment. The monkey just gets angrier and angrier when you tease him, and he can't get you - he's in a cage, after all. However, the minute you start taking it seriously, and trying to beat the monkey in making faces or throwing poop or what have you, that's when you cease to be at the zoo. That's when you're just another monkey.

--The Fox
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Re: Slow down there, killer

That image of the Kookmonkey throwing poop around and making faces is probably one of the best metaphors yet. I salute you.
Moderated, +1, Brilliant.

You sir, are a gentleman and a scholar.

My bad on the Cowboy thing. I'm just not up on the current catch phrases...
"Alas, they were too complex, expensive and heavy--oh, and not all that competitive."

Right... the VF/VFR and the RC30 won five consecutive AMA Championships from 1984-1988; won the first two WSB Championships in 1988-1989; the RC45 won both the AMA and WSB in 1995; and Joey Dunlop and company won SIXTEEN consecutive Isle of Man TT's from 1983-1998 on VF/VFR/RC30/RC45's.

Nope, just not competitive at all...

The 250cc displacement advantage of the twins (and to be fair Ducati's slow but remarkable development program in maximizing the advantage), and the refusal of the FIM to do anything to even the playing field left Honda with the choice of either quitting or switching. (Think Ferrari might like to run a 4.5 liter V-6 in F1 against the 3 liter V-10's???).
Excellent Point Thanks

The Buell has great torque.. :) Torque is also in my index...You see the kPPI takes a balanced view of performance. Don't believe the Fox. Although his monkey analogy is amusing it just isn't me. Honesty is the intent not to deceive. And I am being total honest the kPPI considers hp, torque, weight, price and 1/4 time... The weighting and relationship of the factors is my secret but I might just share it to the world.. As long as someone gives me credit for it..
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