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Those clearances sound way too tight. Are you sure you're measuring from top dead center? I don't have a diagram or shop manual for a CRF motor handy (couldn't find a MO article either), so I don't know if you've got four valves (probably), and are just measuring two of them, or if you've got a two valve motor. Either way you need to get a hold of a shop manual, find out the right values for the clearance, and adjust them. Adjusting valves isn't brain surgery, but it does require paying careful attention to what you're doing. If you have to remove the cam to install new valve shims, make sure you replace in exactly the same position. There is probably other maintenance you should be doing if your valves are (what sounds like) that far out of spec.
Mind you, Cuddy is probably right, but if you want to get it running properly in order to dispose of it, get a manual. Don't know where you are located, but you can probably find a local in a CRF owner's group who's done this before and is willing to help out.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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