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One Year / 12,831 Miles on a 2004 Buell XB12s

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Interesting report. I'd like to see more like this, especially for bikes I'm considering the purchase of.

Can you tell us how much the dealership services cost?
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upchuck a thought is about it.

For this site to be taken seriously it cannot continue to be a mouth piece for Buell.

Excellent stuff

Well done gbrummett!

Great to see no major problems. Although having tested a Buell Cyclone myself I wonder if the Harley V-Twin vibration might cause mounts of other stuff to give way. Although that doesn't seem to be a problem with Harley's in general.

Your comments about 600s getting smoked by your bike are interesting. I guess I would expect off the line your bike would have a big advantage but after the 600 pilot hit 5000 RPMs in second you would be looking at his tail. My experience with a XB-12r on the freeway (using my 01 ZX-6R) was I could beat him on any roll-on range. My experience with an XB-9r in a twisties was that I had no problem keeping up him on anything and I have only 21,000 miles of experience. This guy had 20 years of riding cruisers and dirt bikes. So I guess I chalk up your comments to an enthusatic Bueller, and outdated big 4 experience and that's cool. Some advice would be not to ride a Big 4 600. So you can live in ignorant bliss forever.

I have challenged MO several times to compare 600s with the Buells. I suspect they will never do so cause every other mainstream magazine has been critical of the Buell and a critical review of the Bueller would mean no more Buell ads.

But given price/performance ratio of Big 4 600s, or 750s, I would never consider a Buell. In addition Buells lack of success in Formula Extreme where the rules are bent heavily in their favor is also more testimony of American marketing hype.
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What are you saying? That if the guy didn't like his buell they wouldn't have posted his report?

I purchased a 3 year plan where all my services for those three years are included. Sweet deal since I ride a hell of a lot. I think it was something like $1,500 or so, don't rember the exact amount.
Re: Excellent stuff

So you're basing your opinions on 2 encounters? Yeah... that's credible. I've seen guys on sportsters smoke kids on 600's. It doesn't mean the sportster is faster, it means the kid on the 600 can't ride.

It's about the rider boy.
Re: Excellent stuff

Thanks for the comments.

Yes, a good pilot on any of the current 600's can wring up some RPM and beat me off the line. However, time and again, if they aren't winding the p i s s out of it on take off I take them. If we are just trolling along at say 50 mph or so and suddenly both stomp it I usually am a little faster every time and that’s even against the new Kawasaki 636 Ninja.

I'm under no illusions however about the liter bikes. They can stomp me like I said in the article just about anywhere.

I did buy the Buell however for something different and cheaper to run (45 to 47 mpg), and easier to maintain. I don't want to be cleaning and lubing a chain every other Sat.
Uh ZRX, this was a READER submission. MO did not write, solicit or get compensated for it. In fact, there are NO Harley or Buell ads on Motorcycle.Com nor have they paid us anything since their last campaign expired several months ago.

Since you evidently own a Kawasaki ZRX, why don't you take the time and write your own multi thousand word impression of it, including pros and cons. If you submit it, I promise you it will be posted as a reader submission, exactly like this one was.

In the past year, Buell has won one MO shootout, Yamaha has won two and Honda has won two. We reviewed a Kawasaki (KX-250F) at the begining of the year and gave it a glowing review.

It doesn't look like much bias to me. Then again, I'm probably biased. -Sean
Re: Excellent stuff

"So you're basing your opinions on 2 encounters?" And that's a problem how? ;)
Re: Excellent stuff

I do have the race kit, adds as much as extra 10 horsepower between 4,000 and 7,000 rpm. Don't know if it makes a lot of diff but could. Did the two Buells you beat have a race kit. We have found it makes a lot of difference if you have the kit or not in roll-ons etc.
Re: Excellent stuff

I dare you to ride a new 600 on timed route and then do it on your Buell. (Pick any route) Like I said your experience is old. Compare your times and you would see what other motorcycle mags with 100s of experienced riders have said i.e. the Buell is no competition to Big 4 600s.
I would love to see a one year report on a ZRX

ZRX Rider

I agree with Sean, I would love to see a one-year report on your bike and all the current liter bikes. I'm thinking of adding another sport bike to my stable along with my new Gold Wing and would love to hear any and all comments, problems etc with these bikes from real world riders/owners.
The only way to settle this is if MO and Sean have the guts..

Don't know? good point. If MO did a back to back test of a new 636 vs XB-12 or XB-9 we would have an answer. I hope you are right I am a fan of the Buells looks, frame etc.
An excellent in depth review of an bike that peaks my interest. Pleanty of good info, but I'm pretty sure Tolstoy would have shown a little more brevity. VWW
Re: Excellent stuff

Sounds cool, and you might be right, on a new 600 through a timed route once on my Buell and once on a new 600 I might be faster on the new 600. I’m hoping to try sometime hopefully at a track or demo ride somewhere.
Re: Services

So is that an extended warranty or a maintenance agreement or both? My Ninja 4 year extended warranty was $395.

"What are you saying?"

This is REALLY what he was saying: "I'm an a$$hole that really doesn't have anything to say, so I said this stupid shyt." Now I see why he stuck with the dwarves thing so long. It's positively GENIUS compared to this last brain fart from ZRX_bullshyt.
Nice review. Gives anyone that will listen a good impression of the ins and outs of owning a Buell. Haven't ridden one myself, but Harley is always willing to give test rides on em. They just look too small. At 6'4" it might be a tight squeeze. You are right about the sound though. Last weekend A guy really got on one down the street and it has that flattrack racer sound.
Obsolete engine technology???

and yet Buells air cooled pushrod motor will meet CARB 2008 and Euro 2 without a catalytic converter, deliver 45+ mpg with low maintenance/ low cost of ownership and puts out competitive power/weight.

That's impressive engineering.
Re: Translation

His vocabulary can't be more than 10 words.

I'd never thought I'd see anyone surpass KPaul but he's done it! Bravo!
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