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One Year / 12,831 Miles on a 2004 Buell XB12s

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Interesting report. I'd like to see more like this, especially for bikes I'm considering the purchase of.

Can you tell us how much the dealership services cost?
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Re: Excellent stuff

You are probably right in saying that one of the new 600s would beat a Buell on a racetrack any day. However, on the road, things can turn the other way. The main reason is that differences in skill levels can negate any power advantage. The other reason is that in the real world , the type of power and torque delivery is more important than absolute values.

I rode in south of France this past couple of weeks . Lots of small twisty roads with unpredictable surfaces: gravel, molten tar, potholes, etc. Riding my 600 Suzuki, I often found myself exiting or entering a corner in the wrong rpm range because of unexpected road conditions. I am fairly sure that a Buell would have performed better under those circumstances. I thing also that it was interesting that Sean mentionned in the 2005 Buells intro that the new City XB9SX was a better street bike than the XB12S. I would also love a comparison of that bike against the 600s and let's say a Ducati 800
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