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One Year / 12,831 Miles on a 2004 Buell XB12s

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Interesting report. I'd like to see more like this, especially for bikes I'm considering the purchase of.

Can you tell us how much the dealership services cost?
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Re: Why not a Buell?

hi ...

this is my 1st post here.

i don't know why not a buell?

i'm thinking of buying an 04 xb9s-low. the hd dealer near me got some factory demos in , most w/ less than 4000mls at a price of 64-6900$.

i have also been thinking of buying a duc monster m750[02]. [ i know less power] but i dont need the power.

i love the looks of both these bikes.

but the buell scares me.

handling a bit twitchy i here,wheelies to easy, and reliability is still a question.

any of this stuff true?

and cost of ownership does not seem to be all that different.

so why buell or why not buell ,hmmm....that is the question.....????

any help out there?

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1 - 1 of 150 Posts
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