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Online Weather Forecast for Bikers.

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I think it's best if I keep my hands on the handlebar and eyes on the road instead of reading a weather report - while I'm riding in the rain.
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I know West Virginia is desperate for my capitalist dollar...but wasnt deliverance filmed there and wasnt it based on a true story were they just changed the name for the sake of the innocent. Really I have ridden a bit in west virginia and they do have awesome motorcycle roads so this is a good thing
Actually I think the river scenes were filmed on the Chattooga River in North or South Carolina. If you haven't visited that area, boy are you in for a treat. And I'll jus bet you gotta real purty mouth. Ned says, "WEE WEE WEE" to y'all.

And if you haven't ridden in West Virginia you will find OMG moments in every part of that fine state.
I wanna know when it's raining Buicks.

Light rain: Skylark

Medium rain: LeSabre

Heavy rain: Electra 225

Can Saturns be considered a light drizzle?
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Windoze? Eeewww.

[resumes sipping his large glass of Mac kool-aid]
My thoughts too. It's PC only. Oh well. No Mac koolaid needed. Ubiquity does not equal superior product.
Umm... How is this different from a plain-old normal weather forecast that you can get in thousands of places on the web?
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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