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Oops!!! Yamaha Announces YZF-R6 Buy-Back

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I wonder if Yamaha and Mazada are the same company...

Not really.

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Dropping my usual cynicism that this is probably the result of fear of lawsuits, it's actually very impressive that they would offer to do that. It's rare that a company would actually take that much responsibility anymore.

Yeah, this story has been up on and for a few days now, and everyone is responding with "good for them, glad they took responsibility." Are you kidding me!? Yamaha blatently lied about the R6's redline (even though it is still higher than anyone else's), and you all want to forget about that already? There are laws agains false advertising here in this US of A, and my guess is, knowing your main marketing/selling point is a lie is probably considered false advertising. I doubt that anyone will take them to court over this, since the tach does READ up to 17.5K. However, some faith in the company has to have been lost, and I think that is where Yamaha made the biggest mistake. So many motorcycle purchases are made simply because of brand loyalty, and Yamaha seems to have forgotten about it's loyal fans. In my opinion, the new R6 is a great bike, and the best looking of the super-sports right now. However, I would never buy one, simply because the company has shown itself to not be trustworthy.
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So wait a minute here.....I could have bought an 06 R6, put as many miles on it as I wanted....and returned it for a full refund?
I was thinking the same thing. Dang! We missed out!
This isn't the first fib they've been caught telling. Remember when they were claiming the newest R1 produced 180 HP?

This makes you wonder what else they've been dishonest about?
Pretty much ALL sportbikes have optimistic tachos. But a 9% error is much more visible on a bike with a 17,500 redline than an 11,000 redline.

Sure, it wasn't very smart to make the high redline the key point of their marketing, but it really isn't that big a deal. Manufacturers exaggerate all the time. Are you going to have your trust in Honda and Kawasaki violated when you find out that the CBR600RR doesn't REALLY make 130 hp, or that the ZX6-R doesn't REALLY weigh 362 lbs dry?
No YZF-R6 for 2006 then? They have to pull all their ads.

Will they have to roll back the odometers for their 2007 models?
But think about it!That may mean that there is going to be a few slightly used yammies on the block for a reduced price!Hmmmmmmmmm.....

Tachometers of Mass Deception
It'd be a good excuse to unload a bike if you didn't like it, other than that I wouldn't worry too much. Optomistic advertising is a time honored tradition in motorcycling and realistically your chances of running at even 16k let alone 17.5 k on anywhere but the track are pretty slim.

Good for them for stepping up but I guarantee it's the legal dept. behind it, not any sense of culpability on Yamaha's part.

what happened there????

we really need an edit function on here Ashly...see to it won't you love?

Stuck enter key, or too much coffee this mornin?? LOL
Man your panties are in a wad. Yamaha builds quality machinery and because of an electical sensor problem you slam them. Seek help. Yamaha admitted the error. They are correcting the error. Suppliers have their problems too. I'm sure Yamaha is working on it and before long all '06 models will be fixed.
Remember the Berliner motors ads for the Ducati 250 Scramblers back in the 60's? In 1966 the 250 suddenly jumped to 30HP without any internal engine changes!

False advertising is imposssible to prosecute effectively. Otherwise every single product you see on TV would be subject to legal action. Never gonna happen.
U think Yamaha would just make 17,500 rpm up as a sales tool? Not. Misinfo from land of rising sun I bet. Probly a little Power Commander action would do it maybe? Anyway, peak power is 14,500 as advertised so you just lose a little overrev, not such a big deal for street use...

I am riding new Husqvarna TE250, u may all kiss my bootay...
So, I wonder which Yamaha bigwig has to commit seppuku over this?
If the mfgs. all offered to buy back bikes they fudged the numbers on, I think we all would be in on that deal. Horsepower, weight, top speed, rpm's are all fair game in the ongoing battle for sales. Good thing Harley wasn't involved, as we know they are just pure evil anyway.
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