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Oops!!! Yamaha Announces YZF-R6 Buy-Back

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I wonder if Yamaha and Mazada are the same company...

Not really.

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Speaking of advertising, I've got my Dyna up to 120 hp and 160 ft.lbs. of torque, wanna know how?

I added a race only ICM, S.E. air cleaner, a little drillin' and jettin' in the carb and I knocked the baffles out of my shorty duels..

Yamaha would be smart to buy back all their sport bikes before they get embarrased be me flyin' past them like a blast of dirty thunder...
I've only had a double latte`, two cups of black coffee and three cups of black tea this morning...gimme' time to catch up brah
What?? They're sensitive about this issue?

What about optomistic speedometers (that ones gotta be worse than the tach error), weight claims 25% lower than actual, inflated HP claims or carefully not mentioning that HP is actually crankshaft HP not rearwheel HP.

One more comment.

I've been concerned about redline claims for a couple of years. There's been a good benchmark for redline for years that has been breached the last 5 or so years.

Average piston speed in ft/min can be calculated as; (stroke (mm)/25.4)*2, then divide this by 12 and you get for the R6 about 0.2776. Then multiply 0.2776 by the claimed redline of 17,500 and you get 4860 ft/minute.

Not likely!

The old rule of thumb was a motor wasn't much reliable beyond 4,000ft/min. I've seen it go up to about 4,400 the last few years, which equates to a redline of about 16,000rpm. So, be suspicious if the piston speed ends up much beyond 4,400 ft/min in a bike the owner expects to ride on the street and last for a couple of years.
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You think they have shown not to be trustworthy? After such a show of 100% trustworthiness? They screwed it up & owned up.

It couldn´t have been intentional. Probably an overenthusiastic advertizing MBA with more knowledge of italian suits than motorcycles went to the bike and said WOW 17,5K RPM this is going to kick a$$ man.

- cruiz-euro
I am an electrical engineer, currently working in the aerospace industry (all those heli's in Iraq, I worked on part of them). I know what kind of development goes into creating an electronically interfacing susbsystem, such as an analog signal from a crankshaft sensor to an ECM to an analog tach. There is ABSOLUTELY NO WAY the engineers at yamaha "made a mistake" with that 9% error. The amount of signal processing needed to control the EXUP valve, the fly-by-wire throttle, and the fuel injectors means they know what they are doing, and they know how to develop something that works as it should. The ONLY reason ANY system would have 9% error is that it was built into it on purpose. I can understand error in the realm of 0.1% as not being enough to engineer out, but 9% has got to be intentional. And that is where Yamaha went wrong. It wasn't a "mistake" that the redline claims 17.5K RPM, and it wasn't a "mistake" that they advertised it as such. And no, they are not correcting the error. To correct the error would be to put a new face on the tach of every '06 R6 that redlines at 16.2K. As is mentioned below, the only reason they are making this "correction" is that they are being called out on it and Yamaha's lawyers are hoping this appeases the masses.
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Re: TMDs!!!!


So, maybe this is an anomaly, or maybe they lie about a lot of things. Do their bikes suddenly suck so bad because of this they must be returned? It's an excellent bike regardless, and it's going to be a rare buyer that will actually return it because of just this.

To the helicopter engineer, I'd be quicker to agree with what you say if and only if Yamaha's own engineers made every single part involved themselves. 9% would, in that case, be inexcuseable. It's likely some parts in question are from some other company, and maybe they got their specs wrong. There's a lot of ways this error could be introduced beyond just sloppy engineering or deliberate deception.
Ooooh! Got the new street legal one, eh? How is it, pray tell?
I'm glad they will buy mine back because I need that extra I have reached the limits of this bike (that only really rev's to 16,000rpm) I will need to find a bike that rev's to 17,500 to better match my abilities
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